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Just some random computer-loving country bumpkin living in historic Calaveras County.


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  • My first was a Gateway tower, which, during its later years, I affectionately referred to as "a piece of crap." 433MHz Pentium III ~15GB hard drive 192mb RAM (upgraded) Win98 DVD-ROM drive 3dfx Voodoo Banshee(graphics card) That's pretty …
  • Originally posted by Gaurdlevel21   3. It's fun. That's right I said it. It is a fun game if you acually stop playing just to get to the top. Do everything on your own pace and the experience will be much more enjoyable. RSFTW I played "at my own…
  • Originally posted by ErF03 do you know what its like to be a noob and die? yes we all know it sucked you lost your 600gp because you didn't know what a bank was. you can't rant about that because you didn't know what you were doing. you should ha…
  • Originally posted by d00fbysancho I don't have a problem with what anyone here plays likes or dislikes but i didn't like this game fo rthe fact that my little brother had about 6 accounts stolen some he was paying for with my moms cc number but th…
  • In the PowerPC era, Virtual PC was the only way to run Windows on a Mac, but since Macs used PowerPCs and PCs used Intels (a tad ironic, if you ask me), Virtual PC had to emulate an Intel, which slowed things down quite a bit. Now, since Apple has s…
  • Maybe the popping problem doesn't lie in line with the sound card, but with your set of speakers. How long have you had them?
  • Honestly, have you never heard of Boot Camp?
  • Originally posted by DenDen Granted, but it breaks down on ya I wish i had a real life rather then doing nothing all day Granted, you die and begin "real life" in hell. I wish for a Dell XPS M1710.
  • I'm glad you've joined the rest of us that think RS sucks, but next time, please justify it with more than your rating of its graphics.
  • If you managed to do this you would become a god to the rest of us. But everybody's probably just gonna blow you off and call you "noob."
  • You are a hypocrite. You call everyone a fag, yet the best you can come up with against RS is one argument worth two lines. Now how does that work? EDIT: And if you're going to start acting like MikeM8 did, get the hell out of here.
  • Originally posted by Draenor Granted, the bong is so big that you have to climb up into it to use it, and you end up drowning I wish the bank was open on sundays so I could cash this check and go buy my ram upgrade Granted, your ram now has th…
  • Originally posted by Draenor Granted, but Papa Smurf had a rapidly spreading virus that transfered to all of the other smurfs when they ate his flesh...killing them all within a week   I wish somebody would bomb HGTV's broadcasting studio Gran…
  • That was so great I copied and pasted it on my own desktop
  • The 2 things I am most addicted to are my laptop and cell phone.  I would give up my cell phone cuz it ain't worth s#!t compared to the best thing to ever grace my lap. ($1000>$100)
  • Originally posted by purestplayer Its not that bad! i give it a 7/10 -Lots of things you can do! -A whole lot of skills -easy controls -thousands and thousands players on at once -Great way to meet friends -FREE! only reasons it bad …
  • I didn't really understand your post, but what I did understand I thought was bullspit. There isn't really any risk in RS. If you're close to dying, you just eat food or warp. There is no thrill of "exitment" when I pvped in RS. "You kill wha…
  • YES SEAMOOSE, YOUR CAPS LOCK KEY IS IN FACT WORKING. This made no sense to me. We don't like RS because we can't cheat?  We don't like RS because it is addicting, very time-consuming, and just flat-out boring. And yes, cheaters are bad, in all g…
  • I usually play by the side that seems most evil. For example, back when I had my sh*tty-win-98-running-beige-colored desktop, my dad had bought the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade Collector's Edition, which came bundled with 3 games: X-wing, TIE fighter,…
  • Originally posted by Arkei I've noticed that like 90% are topics like "RUNESCAPE IS GAI" or "RS SUX". I don't really think this place is about what you think about the game. I was thinking this place would be about "My Clan" or "I need a bit of hel…