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  • Where is brave newbies inc located? When you say 22 mill for a lvl 2 cruiser, you mean my thrasher?
  • Thank you for all the input.  I did learn a lesson on going AFK and flying what I couldn't afford!  I set it on auto pilot and was still like 4 min from reaching the mobs....long story short, I forgot and enjoyed my food.  At least I got back 22 mil…
  • Originally posted by Sybnal Originally posted by schertzt Sounds absolutely exciting; can't wait to get further into the game and learn the ropes!   This is a side question but I would like to spy.  I got the weekly WV spying task and got th…
  • Sounds absolutely exciting; can't wait to get further into the game and learn the ropes!   This is a side question but I would like to spy.  I got the weekly WV spying task and got the 20 teleport tokens.  Well I havn't logged in a week and my tok…
  • Are there any guides for obtaining equipment?  I'm seeing 'first understanding' characters with much better equipment than I =.
  • Thank you for the info, I was on the right track the entire time I noticed.   A few more questions if I may.  I am confused about the 'weapon' swapping. (F1,F2, ect.. on UI) ...WV have 3 weapon types: dual swords, fist, poison.  Since I have many …
  • yeah, once you hit a certain rank theres a 2 day delay limit..   I just select the school and learn skills, then judge it and delete if i wish....   Does anyone have an answer for, 'exchanging level 2 internal skill book' as I stated above?
  • Thank you for this!   This will make all beginners (such as myself) lifes so much easier!!!!   STICKY!
  • I went with begger and just not sure about it so far...However, I just selected my class and learned my skills so i cannot talk at all.  I think I just dont like the fact of Begging, and that is something I dont want to be doing everyday...   My f…
  • The one I am doing now is a 'Guide' so I'll continue to follow that.   As for cultivating, Right now im working on Internal Cultivation - Secrets of Dual Training (lvl2) Would you continue with that for basics, or start with actual skill cultivati…
  • Was just playing fine with 25+ in a DE... Was actually the smmothest it has ever been.   3.2. quad core, radeon 5850
  • Torchlight, Trying out SC2 Starter Edition, BF3 here and there... Those will hold me over til Diablo 3, which that and SC2 should hold me over to GW2
  • I agree too, I should be getting Torchlight, but, D3 comes out sooner and I dont want to just end up buying D3 in 2 weeks just because I cant play T2
  • too late  =  few days ago the client took about 7-8 hours to DL, and I won't be on til 5:00 anyways so i'll be fine
  • I dont think it's downloading additional files because I have been doing that timke to time since the 188.000 files finished downloading days ago.   Today it is re-downloading the full 188.000 files.   I deleetd everything I had, and followe…
  • I also have been a member on MMORPG for some time now, although I really havn't posted much.  By far the best mmo website I've ever visted.    I would love a key if anyone has an extra!  Firefall sounds like it's going to be a great game!
  • I played back when they released Abyssal or w/e for FFXI and there was a huge guild forming for returning players... Although I didnt last very long in that game so can't speak for it very much,   As a time waster, I downloaded the daoc trial la…
  • I remember that one, if you fell in the sink drain you died,  but was it really for TFC? I thought it was CS...   Anyways, would love to find a TF2/CS:S Server with the Rat maps... Let me know if your friends know of any!
  • Just started my trial,   Atreinn the High Elf Sorcorer-we'll see how it goes!
  • Do you have any idea on a decent joystick which would suite the game?   There's many on amazon, but can't decide on one!