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  • Originally posted by Murdus Hey everyone, I can't play DDO because of my college dorm just lags and lags, only for DDO though. Other games work fine, so I want to know if there is anything out there that is like DDO? (if anyone knows anything about …
  • Originally posted by TweFoju wait, how is RoM different from WoW? i thought they are just the perfect clone of WoW so far Differences are in: 1. Dual classing in single character concept in RoM 2. Gearing concept. 3. PvP concept. mayb…
  • Originally posted by harry_wat Choose from these selections of free to play games * LOTR Online * Rift Online * Star Wars Online * Argo Online 1 time payement game but for sure it packs it up * 1. Forsaken Online …
  • Wordl of Tanks is very cool for short breaks -1 battle lasts 3-5 mins to maximum of 15 minutes, though it's rather historical or modern then sci-fi.
  • Played both GW and AoC. GW just couple of hours. It' has too small ragdolls for characters. So I'd say no it's not what I was looking for , because graphic ain't good enough for 2011 year. Though I should admit an instanced world concept is intere…
  • Your (3) and (6) hardly come along with (4) also (7) and (8) are too personal too evaluate.   Just look into newerest p2p games and see which one attracts you
  • I dunno how grinding can be "fun" but I think LA2 is polished enough and iirc has little or no quests. Also there are tonnes of Korean/chines grind games. You can distinguish them by looking at pictures of male heroes with ponytails
  • Originally posted by hercules was gonna say DCUO but you said no SoE game so i will have to go for pve server AoC.   Yeah , sorry but I dislike their marketing and .. umm... advertisement policy - too aggressive for my taste.
  • Originally posted by Newfr Originally posted by russ1st   Does it met PvP requirements? I heard that GW has open PvP or something. You can't have open PvP in a game where 95% of locations are instances. And other 5% are cities/quest hubs…
  • Originally posted by Evile I play AoC because it's graphics are sweet, and combat system is much more fun for me then the typical WoW/Lotro system. AoC just had a pretty nice graphic overhaul and runs so much better in Dx10 for me now. AoC is also o…
  • Originally posted by lennpell Going to be honest with you bro, from which you described it sounds like Runescape is your game.   Runescape has small cartoonish characters and not very good graphic. I've tryed it trust me
  • Originally posted by romanator0 Guild Wars fits most of those descriptions.   Does it met PvP requirements? I heard that GW has open PvP or something.
  • Originally posted by tehm WoW sounds almost tailor made for you tbh. Since you listed it but not rift I'm gonna go with Rift.   Wow has small cartoonish characters and factional PvP. Also it's almoust 10 years old or so, when it was new I've …
  • Originally posted by ohnoes FInal Fantasy XI ?   I bet it's cartoonish.
  • Originally posted by kedoremos Everquest 2 Extended is the most full featured, content-rich f2p MMO there is. Check it out, it's pretty good. Give yourself until level 25 at least. The game gets harder at that point. He is looking for a game wi…
  • Runes of magic, Age of Armor
    in LFG Comment by russ1st March 2011
  • Originally posted by Ekaros Anarchy Online   The hardest thing in AO is probably to tolerate it's 10 years old graphic engine.
  • You can try Age of Armors. Sci-Fi RPG all about gear and it's enhancement which is quite complicated. But the game world is somewhat low populated.
  • I don't like both eq2 (the f2p version at least) or Ryzom. They are quite alike from how graphic looks (an outdated by at least 5 years). I should admit eq2 has way more and diversified content then Ryzom.
  • Originally posted by raystantz any games with PVP where the cash shop doesn't rule it?   Unfortunately that the main purpose of cash shop in such games.