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  • If you want Raids try Rift. It has alot  of10/20 person raid instance
  • Yet one more game developer publishing manager (or however it is called) who trying to find a way forceencorage PvE players to PvP.  Nothing new.  Games like OP describes even exists but they can't say they have any significant player base because …
  • Try Star Trek Online. It not so much gear dependant and has good community And if you pay then you won't have 10m cash restrictions. As for Aion - it's definitely a gear game with quite a poor community (What else one could expect from game driven …
  • Originally posted by Connmacart You're not going to find the perfect MMO, because it doesn't exist and never will. Be less demanding of what you want and you might actually find something you like. People try and find the perfect partner in real l…
  • Originally posted by miguksaramdernono ... (the lack of restrictions and yet free access being the largest) .... I bet you don't want ot taste a dish that lack of needed species. And even if you forced to do it - you won't be able to evaluate it'…
  • Originally posted by baldernono Looks like post where poster already know the answers... There can be many answers not just only one. Desire for deversity is in humans nature
  • Originally posted by darker70 For something a bit different but it a bit cartoony graphics wise (Uncharted Waters Online) Ryzom,Trial Istaria,F2P as a Human Vanguard F2P soon,has everything just needs a influx of players  Thanx darker Pl…
  • Originally posted by miguksaram Originally posted by russ1st Originally posted by miguksaram What might help narrow this down, rather than people trying to list games they think fit your mold only to have you turn around and say well th…
  • Originally posted by Nitth World of Warcraft fits all that. Offer me something new and innovative and thanx in advance Cant do that when you want the standard mmorpg flair 1) Instances is only part of WoW world. Plus it doe…
  • Originally posted by grimm6th Originally posted by russ1st Yet again looking for new game (last one I played was STO) : 1) F2P or P2P with unrestricted trial (as in no restriction on char growth but only by time length ) I might as wel…
  • Originally posted by miguksaram What might help narrow this down, rather than people trying to list games they think fit your mold only to have you turn around and say well thats not exactly what I had in mind, is for you to name MMO's you have play…
  • The Sims
  • Thanx, zonova. I may sound like gumbling but I think Aion doesn't match to 4) , 5) and 7) and also the only 1 high level zone (Abyss) can't be exactly called as "Rich End Game conentent"
  • Played both, sorry, but thanx for advice   LOTRO was very cool game when it was subscrition based .  Shame it went f2p with same f2p model as DDOEQ2.  
  • Start Trek Online (one by Cryptic) Maestia
  • Try STO.
  • DDO is game which perfectly suit your needs: 1) Clerics can solo rather good (providing they have good gear) - prolly best class to solo with. 2) they are quite on demand for groups at mid-high lvls 3) their role in groups can wary from buffhe…
  • It's a typical p2w browser game. You have to grind lvls in PvE and buy  (or grind very heavy ) for items for PvP plus buy consumable for PvP. End game conent is totaly equip grind in groups plus clan wars PvP for territory.
  • Originally posted by Cefka D&D online ? fits everything but (1). Doesn't fit into 7 at high-mid levels. When dungeons start to be harder and requires grouping.
  • And AO will be Atlantica Online or Allods Online? or somethng else ?