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  • It's great they've added wind resistance to the ships, zig-zagging to avoid maximum resistance seems to realistic, It's great!
  • Hell, If they've created even some of the game with java so far, I don't care if they create it all with java, It's working alot better than when other companies used c+.
  • I probably won't be roleplaying, but given that darkfall is so unique I may try it for this game
  • A fine idea indeed,
  • Originally posted by wolfmann What did SOE do to me? They robbed me of my hobby. A hobby I paid them for years to develope, a hobby they promised to develope for as long as I and the other practicioners of this hobby paid them. Instead they took …
  • One thing i liked was 'We don't think that you really need more than one character with the flexibility the skill system allows' GREAT WORK GUYS, KEEP IT UP!
  • Thanks alot for posting this, keep up the great work guys, its looking great!
  • Originally posted by admriker4 The first rumors back in Feb 2006 shortly after the NGE disaster all said that Bioware had obtained the pre-cu code. That was why SOE refused to roll the servers back, they couldnt. So my guess is Bioware's MMO will…
  • SWG against a game that has at-best been denied by BIOWARE developers? We don't even know if there is a KOTOR mmo, and even if there was the chances of it becoming just another grind are astronomical.
  • Originally posted by hopefades I wouldn't mind a game that lets you sell your items and stuff in-game for real world $.. That system would be a failure, I'm glad DFO isn't doing that.
  • 2) To be able to use a better ship you need pilot skill, depending on that you can equip different ships, buy them off players, or build your own. 3) Yes, everything is inter-changable!
  • Originally posted by krackajap   Originally posted by ButcherBill Sad thing is everything this Asp dude talked about is the same regurgiated shit that's been said for the last 4-6 years now. The dude didn't even get to play the real beta..   U…
  • Originally posted by Diross I'd like to know the condition of the player cities these days. Are they current operating metropolises or ghost towns? Also, same question about player homes, are they vastly occupied or vacant? What did SOE do with a…
  • Looks great wiz thanks for posting these, al-though I'm pretty sure I've seen these already
  • State your system specs and ill tell you if they're par on sub-par which can account for the lag.
  • Originally posted by Grunanca Is SWG still based on the lagg infested NGE engine? Used to play before NGE and even made it for 6 months into the dread NGE, however lagg, the ability to solo everything and the need of 3 hands to play got me thrown…
  • Originally posted by Suvroc Take a look at the official forums if you want to see what kind of state the game is in. Seems to be a lot of disgruntled current subscribers now too. However, as usual someone will say that those are the vocal minorit…
  • Originally posted by JestorRodo  We all make mistakes, Obraik. you are forgiven.  Speaking of mistakes , I best be going to the Vets forum. Thanks for the kind welcome back.   Jestor! Please be swift, I don't think i could cope with you a few …
  • I hope it doesn't influence our genre, the graphics maybe good, but the game? Kill 10 people or so and it's finished, the quests? Collect 100 flags, find 5 templars, etc etc so fourth.
  • Originally posted by BlackWatch Interesting how some of the old weapons in the game are now the best weapons in the game again... Mind-fire gaffi stick used to be ftw!  Of course, a good stun baton was nice as well "baby seal clubs". ... Any 'dot…