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  • Im also having the same problem this is becoming very flustrating. I have not been able to log in all day because of this error ( Error #2005)   So much for getting my world even shards for the night I guess lol.
  • Cool, im glad to see that the game is in testing now. I for one cant wait to see this game in production, right now im taking a break from MMO’s waitingfor this to be released.
  • Originally posted by stevebmbsqd Posted by Genleo on 12/19/10 at 4:04:39 PM Twenty minutes of reading will save you a lifetime of riding on the short bus...*shakes head*   The short bus does have some t…
  • Well I know one pet that we will have, Trolls every MMO has them :P
  • I would also like to add another reason I’m dropping this game. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have a hard time getting the games Logon GUI to display half the time or it has a really slow reaction time.
  • Well I have given it a fair shot again, but with all the lag the game is truly unplayable. Don’t get me wrong I do understand that lag happens in MMO and more players that are logged on will increases the lagging. But in this game I can be in a zone…
  • Originally posted by Shatter30 What is your ping and are you using Leatrix Latency Fix to improve it? Yeap I ran a test on my internet connection and my ping rate is between 45 to 110MPS. Also this is the only game I play that has this problem
  • Originally posted by Daitengu I find most of my problems to be very computer dependant.  Zero problems on my bro's computer, but I have had this damn random Gfx card crashing bug for a month now and it's damn annoying. I can't play my cleric in grou…
  • you can always find Pug's or grind it out.
  • Originally posted by Requiamer Guys at NC please next time you invite people the minimum you can do, is to ensure your product is working properly, when launching such a campaign.  I usually don't invite people to diner if i have nothing ti put in t…
  • Yea that is true, now the newest thing is that I’m receiving strange errors from the server that crashes the client. I really like this game but if I can’t play it then there is no point in paying money for it.
  • Unfortunately I seem to get mine everywhere, some time the spikes are so bad I’m just hitting buttons at random so that I will not die in a battle. It really does not matter what area I’m in or how populated the area is I still hit massive spikes. A…
  • I was in Gamestop this weekend and they told me that the release date for GW2 was Jan 2011 and they are now taking reservations.
  • I’m glad to see that I was not the only one experiencing this.  For the very first time ever I canceled my OB account. Between the game client issue and the Beta test web site their customer support did it in for me. I emailed them to state the issu…
  • Right now I’m leaning toward NO. I have beta tested a lot of game and sure every game has had its own list of problems. But I was able to download the product and not spend 3 days trying to get it downloaded. Between the client patch problems and th…
  • Originally posted by ilydamdris A good rule of thumb: If you didn't put your credit card information in, anywhere, you didn't pay for anything.   True, I did not make it that far as to set up and account. I was reading the terms of use / a…
  • Originally posted by iSoul The game is free, but it has an online store, and is run by a back ground company.   Ok got yea they have a micro payment system set up for the game. Thank you very much for the answer to my question, I just saw …
  • Originally posted by mrroboto40 As Mark Jacobs once said.   For every one that leaves, another is invited.     I guess, but it will not be me lol. WAR hates me lol…
  • That’s nice, plays some for thou of us that WAR hates and has not received an invite even though we have been signed up for over a year and have a CE pre-order code. WAR BETA HATES ME = NO WAR FOR YOU  
  • Originally posted by kappars I got in. Signed up one week ago and just looked at my inbox. WAAAG  ready to rock, thank Mythic. Don't lose your hopes, I think they send out keys all the time.     I signed up over a year ago and no love at…