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  • I really like this game but I think the guild system could be better, it isn't really player friendly
  • The incredible power of the turrets. Yeah I know its part of the game but couldn't they just limit there power a little? Also I think its a pretty good idea when for example 2 champions walk next to a turret, to let the turret attack the champion wh…
  • Originally posted by centkin Actually their triple play event led me to vindictus.  I had done the triple play to get the goodies for my dragon nest character.  At any rate it kind of sleeps for a little while longer while I play vindi for a while. …
  • Originally posted by Lambon23 Hey guys. I played this during beta and you can infact change the key layout. If I remember correctly, you're supposed to use the delete key to remove the binds. I have to hop on and confirm this. change the key …
  • Originally posted by Dewm I never sell my games..   Mainly just for the pure fact its not worth a trip into the game shop. I mean I can take it $1000.00 worth of xbox games.. and come out with 40 bucks... woop woop!   Ever tried selling t…
  • LoL owns DOTA and TOTT in gameplay. But on th graphical side DOTA2 is much better then LoL. Nevertheless LoL has the most players so I guess LoL owns?:D
  • you could also try the cherrycredits version, its only for SEA users. I haven't come across some pay to play features so thumbs up!
  • you can fix this problem by pressing the esc button, and then system settings and then controls, you should be able to change controls there, and choose wether you like the left button or right button:D
  • dunno, the only thing you could do is reinstall the game, or look for a bug fix
  • thanks dude!! amazing site, thumbs up!
  • hmm yeah you are part right, the voices could be better though;D But the cutscenes are amazing!:D
  • Originally posted by ForTheCity wait what was the original naruto like game called or was it pockie ninja?  Shinobi Battles:D haha, getting confused?:D
  • Originally posted by zachmatthews same here legend ! hahaha:D you should also try pockie ninja! http://ninja.game321.com/ 
  • Why would you let someone else train your charactar? You take all the fun out of the MMORPG? ><
  • Originally posted by Xanj   Originally posted by Kyleran   MMORPG's are not scary, and neither are the players who inhabit them.       actually some of them are very scary... in the creepy kinda way   True to th…
  • Gold spammers is a common appearance in the MMORPG world. And yeah they are annoying as hell!
  • Originally posted by Jimmac Originally posted by legend55 damn it, meant the first one:D But your game isn't that graphical strong, isn't? No offense meant of course. What can you do in euotopia, not only grinding I hope?:D I actually like…
  • True to that. Nexon is known about his gold sucking activities..
  • Originally posted by LostGaming I thought I'd just tell you all about this game Earth Eternal. It's pretty good for a Browser-Based MMO and it looks to be a big supported of Role-Playing. Since you play as "Animals" (named Beasts) a lot of the RP'er…
  • damn it, meant the first one:D But your game isn't that graphical strong, isn't? No offense meant of course. What can you do in euotopia, not only grinding I hope?:D