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My life''s just a short story of a lonely guy. Page after page, one slow chapter at a time.


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  • Originally posted by Obraik I thought Roses fiancee shot someone?  Been a while since I've sat through the Titanic... Hollywood =/= History
  • Originally posted by FalseProphet ...I really do miss what we once had as a community until SOmEone twisted it into its warped current state.  I hear rumors of all kind of improvements and wonder if they aren't spraying perfume on a pig. I have so…
  • When they swapped out the old for the new, the old forums went too.
  • Originally posted by Mordah  ...  Even on the Titanic there were people who arranged deck chairs instead of finding a lifeboat. Probably the best one-line description of SWG fanbois. Ever.
  • They sound cool? I think they sound pretty bland. My reactions: http://soe.lithium.com/swg/board/message?board.id=swggpdiscussion&message.id=1234100
  • It's a sign that SOE didn't make the NGE easy enough.
    in Jedi?? Comment by kimosabe November 2006
  • Calvin, doing what he does best: not caring.
  • Probably the best post I've ever read on SWG preCU. All the vets loved it because of the open-ness, the individuality, the community, and the overall unique game play SWG had to offer. Sure there were problems with the old system: profession imbalan…
  • MCR: This is How I Disappear Famous Last Words Teenagers Thank You for the Venom Give 'em Hell, Kid Dead! -too many more... C&C: Welcome Home Suffering Willing Well IV: Final Cut Three Evils Velourium Camper (I-III) Delirium Trigger 33 Used:…
  • Originally posted by GunnyFisher You can't use eve's 30%. why you ask? Eve is a GROWING MMORPG, although with the new changes planned for kali we shall see.... If this is a reply to my post, then I'll have to agree, 30% is a bad figure, that'…
  • Originally posted by Draenor I will tell you why...and then I'll leave this thread. Because there has never been a single beneficial mutation observed in any organism that caused a change in genetic information...There are three kinds of mutation, …
  • I've played plenty of MMOs and sampled many more. I first came here to look for a SWG replacement (I'm still looking) and first started posting around the time a certain Nazi parade showed up. I guess I just haven't wanted to leave. With all the rel…
  • Originally posted by pirrg Alright, im going to try to be as unbiased and constructive as possible so i ask the same from you guys, please dont flame this topic to death. Please read the ENTIRE post before responding, thank you in advance. Several…
  • I wasn't trying to make any specific claims, but my post was to show that pirrg's data is too unreliable and his calculations too vague to come up with any viable estimate at the population of SWG. I don't mean to say I know all the numbers, but by …
  • Originally posted by pirrg Originally posted by Obraik ...  The rest is based on the reporters own views and isn't an official statement.  It's speculation, whether it's true or not. End of thread. To the rest, check my sig if you want to k…
  • Originally posted by Obraik Originally posted by GunnyFisher Try EvE online Hell, being patient enough to wait for an 11 hour download makes him an easy candidate for EvE. If you're patient enough, it's the greatest game on the market, u…
  • Originally posted by Obraik Who has said the game hasn't lost people? Pirrg of course. He's always trolling about how much bigger the NGE community is than the preCU one.
  • Unfortunately it's more than just a rumor. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of documented cases where two friends are hanging (all too literally) out and one of them passes out and doesn't stop soon enough, then ends up dying of suffocation/asphyxi…
  • Now that I hear all these other reasons, they sound quite plausible and are most likely one cause, but I've heard that until a few months ago, SL used to have a subscription cost for members and a sign-on fee for regulars, but has now dropped the si…