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My life''s just a short story of a lonely guy. Page after page, one slow chapter at a time.


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  • Outfctrl, you really need to make your sarcasm a little more obvious to keep from pissing people off. I like posts like this because you never see replies from people who do hold similar beliefs, at least until someone on the other side says somet…
  • Originally posted by PreCU Gorath #Posts...Date 4100 .... Apr 2900 .... Mar 3200 .... Feb 3700 .... Jan '06 5150 .... Dec 11650 .. Nov ........ ToOW - 11/1/05 & NGE - 11/15/05 8900 .... Oct 10450 .. Sep 14100 .. Aug 12800 .. Jul …
  • The PS3 probably isn't even hers. Some ugly fatass brother of her's camped Target for a week, and he's using her good (excellent) looks to squeeze some extra dough out of the sale. It's basic advertising law. Gamers want games and girls they know th…
  • Queen is by far the best choice on that list of yours.
  • Originally posted by Driver8 ...  I thought that little guys didn't have much testosterone or something.  ... Actually smaller/skinnier guys have a higher concentration of testosterone. Since testosterone is a fat-soluble hormone, guys with …
  • Emo/Rock-MCR-Demolition Lovers Kinda a "Bonnie and Clyde" story with one of the greatest lines of lyrics: "Know how much I want to show you you're the only one Like a bed of roses, there's a dozen reasons in this gun."
  • I think we killed him.
  • I love it.
  • Points for honesty, ParaTrooper. It does make sense when you put it that way, even though I still disagree with the split forums in the first place.
  • That's the sucky thing about love, man. You sure as hell can tell which people you don't care for, but there's no way to measure how much you do care for someone. There's just times when you think, "How can I feel more strongly about anyone?" and yo…
    in Love? Comment by kimosabe November 2006
  • Single greatest line of lyrics: MCR - The Sharpest Lives "There's a place in the dark where the animals go You can take off your skin in the cannibal glow Juliet loves the beat and the lust it commands Drop the dagger and lather the blood on your ha…
  • ...funny funny. At least he's gone, and it's not as disturbing when I know it's just to annoy me.
  • HAHAHAHAHA! Holy Hell! What is this guy thinking?!? "Blacks will be better suited for warriors as they are strong and low intelligence." Now that is a cliche American for you. Goddammit. Then he goes on to say he's going to code the whole MMO in HTM…
  • There's an old NPC that gives out quests for Dark Jedi, but Dark Jedi status was removed long before the CU came around. You can still run the quests, but you don't get anything for doing them.
    in Jedi?? Comment by kimosabe November 2006
  • I'm not too up to date on the rumors, but I hear Feb 07 is when the lisence is due for renewal. Accomodating for this with the new updates could point to what all the vets have been hoping for. I think we have a special markdown on tinfoil hats runn…
  • This is a surprisingly great idea. Hell it's childish, but I'd play it, and it has tons of potential. All the competition for the tournements would really lend itself to a multiplayer game and "boss fights". Dammit now I won't be able to stop thinki…
  • Originally posted by SilentStaker well its been over one year since i quit SWG and i was wondering what its like now. From what i have read it seems that the NGE really messed up the game, i left i think about 3 months before the NGE came out. Whe…
  • Originally posted by free2play ... The more I watched, the more it became clear it was actually only animals and they were in time attacking. I found this out the hard way. I hit a boss enraged rancor level 80 at Jedi 50. I had him down to 20% he…
  • Sean Connery + silenced ppk = silent shootings Sean Connery + Q's crazy inventions = stealth (or at least inconspicuous)
    in Spies Comment by kimosabe November 2006