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  • Originally by Google Docs It looks like the form "User Created Content in MMORPGs" is turned off.   Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. Visit our help center   It Broken.
  • Originally posted by Castillle Umm... I beat ppl in paintball irl but i suck at fps games >_< what am i doing wrong in fps gamess?  One thing to note is that it is quite a lot harder to cheat(install an autoaim bot or etc) at paintball th…
  • Originally posted by Auxiliary Activision Blizzard takes the cake for me, but that is only because I loved Blizzard too much.  Valve is generally considered a great company and loved by all, but personally I don't like them at all. They forced Ste…
  • I'll bet whoever 'cooked' this up was having a bad day, and just looking for a way to tell his boss to eat it.
  • Originally posted by Castillle Originally posted by Castillle im also on a full scholarship so i am not allowed to work unless i want to lose the scholarship.     How would it be tax evasion if I were reporting my business'…
    in Need $$$ Comment by fehoru June 2011
  • Originally posted by Castillle So i need to pay off my family debts in 2 years and possibly get my mom a house so thay they LAY THE $&@! OFF ME! Now whats the best way to go about this? I was thinkig i could learn to make iphone apps and …
    in Need $$$ Comment by fehoru June 2011
  • Originally posted by Jchung I believe I won.  Congratulations! ... ... .. . oh oops sorry =p
  • A good no or a bad no?
    in No. Comment by fehoru June 2011
  • Originally posted by caremuchless do these Companies know why we hate/distrust them?  Do they care? Or do they just take that info and decide to run PR campaigns, essentially just smoke and mirrors with no real change.  Do they know why their ga…