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  • It's pretty horrible in general.  More of the same B.S. that we have grown to expect from Blizz. It seems with every new expansion the game becomes more and more e-z mode.  I wish WoW would return to its roots at some point and become a half-decent…
  • OP: What country are you in?  The job market here in the U.S. for programmers is kind of tough without a CE or CS degree.  The old days of "hacker kids" coming out of highschool getting high paying jobs are mostly over.  These days there are a lot o…
  • It looks like any other dracolich to me.
  • Originally posted by sk8chalif  all i have to say. http://www.techpowerup.com/183936/geforce-gtx-680-can-be-flashed-to-gtx-770.html Read the articles...not really.
  • I just got back from vacation and had a chance to read back on all the posts posted since.  Great discussion!
  • Originally posted by micona I like playijng Pool of radiance D&D classic or temple of elemental evil . Wiz8 is a great go to game aswell.   Pool of Radiance is one I need to get back on.  There's so many classics, so little time.
  • Originally posted by Loktofeit Been paying Wizardry 8 again.  Wizardry looks legit.  I'm gonna get me a copy.
  • Originally posted by Grunty Your signature image and statement implies that there is no moral dilemma to learning to 'hack' a game. It actually states the hacking is needed knowledge to become "Pro' at something.  Your statement combined with your…
  • Originally posted by maplestone Originally posted by emistz That's what I find most intriguing.  Isn't the reason to join a M-Multiplayer-MO to have interact with other people? If you don't know the answer to that, you could start by readi…
  • Originally posted by nariusseldon Originally posted by emistz   Not so much as a debate on the benefits of solo v. group play, but rather a discussion on why solo gameplay seems to predominate these d…
  • Originally posted by Volkmar Speaking of news... Closed Beta Phase 3 is almost here. http://www.wildstar-online.com/uk/news/welcome_to_cbt3_ready_to_rumble.php Awesome! Thanks.
  • Wow...these guys are crazier than I thought.
  • Originally posted by Loktofeit Originally posted by emistz That gets us back to the initial question: Why do the mainstream want to solo on a mmorpg game and just interact with players to show their epeen/do stuff they're forced to do together? …
  • Originally posted by Volkmar On one hand, I know they should take all the time they need. On the other, the delay of ESO to 2014 opens a window of opportunity, namely: Christmas 2013. If Wildstar can get released before or on that period, then it …
  • Originally posted by MuffinStump   Originally posted by emistz Originally posted by nariusseldon Originally posted by jesad The solution for this, in my opinion, was to go for the F2P model using the forced grouping model of t…
  • Originally posted by nariusseldon Originally posted by jesad The solution for this, in my opinion, was to go for the F2P model using the forced grouping model of the first games.  Instead the developers went for the "let em solo to the end" mod…
  • Originally posted by jesad Originally posted by emistz Is it just me or has there been a consistent decline in the community feel in MMOs since about 10 years ago? Every time I log into pretty much any MMO I can see less and less community work…
  • Originally posted by Quirhid Originally posted by emistz Is it just me [...] Its you. Ahh, can't believe I did not think of that!
  • My heading was probably misleading.  What I meant was MMO Community as a sense of in-game community brought about but multiple people working together for the sake of having fun together.  I'm sure there are lots of games where the players are a fi…