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  • Awesome thank you both for that excellent information. I really appreciate you guys for taking the time!
  • Thanks a lot Quizzical. As always you are prompt and very helpful.  I was aware that these newer cards are really not much or any boost compared to my 7970 but since I am not really much into gaming like I used to be I am pretty comfy with a fairly…
  • See a pattern? Almost all games from years ago. You know back when online communities were fun and people really had to work together to achieve many goals within the games. You would spend hours with people who would become your friends. Nowadays m…
  • Quizzical said: It's not terribly likely that you've had your video card for 5 years considering that it wasn't available to buy until 2012. Try the game before you replace your video card.  What you have is much faster than the recommended sy…
  • Oh I agree if it is still a good relevant video card and will run BDO with ease then yes I will keep it but I have not tried the game yet so I don't really know for sure. It appears to be a very graphic game and figured since it has been 2 years sin…
  • What time does the soft launch start tomorrow for CST?
  • Great way to get back into the game and get some of that old content you miss or never got to do before
  • Originally posted by h0urg1ass SWTOR healing is some of the most boring healing I've ever done.  You put all your sill points into healing then constantly spam your heal and poof you're a healer.  But then again raiding in SWTOR is some of the most …
  • Originally posted by dreamer05 Rift by far.  Awesome combination of classes/skills, and lots of class customization options.  Chloromancer is one of the most interesting classes I've ever played.  I played mostly warden though and loved it. Is Chl…
  • Originally posted by waynejr2 Originally posted by Jean-Luc_Picard World of Warcraft. Why choose some clone when you can play the original ? Indeed.  First Edition AD&D! yep played that too. I remember the weekend long D&D marat…
  • Originally posted by Talonsin Originally posted by dzones Okay narrowed myself down to two mmo's to play a dedicated healer in.  Rift or SWTOR. Given the choice between the two which would you choose to be a dedicated NON PVP healer in and why?…
  • Originally posted by Gorwe SWTOR by a margin. Rift is a poor man's wow. Weird too. What do you mean by "weird"
  • Originally posted by Jean-Luc_Picard World of Warcraft. Why choose some clone when you can play the original ? lol, played it for 10 years and just want a different story, game etc etc Thanks for the input though.
  • Thanks! I should of said yeah I typically sub and play for the games i play if that makes any difference.
  • Guys thanks a TON for this great info. I am pretty excited to start playing tonight now knowing these options for healing sound this fun. WOOT!
    in Healer query Comment by dzones July 2015
  • Maybe cause I am old and I have lost touch with the world but what is wrong with paying a few cents a day for entertainment? Have so many people been jaded by the so called "free to play" market that they cannot see the value of an entertainment do…
  • People tend to blame matchmaker (MM) for a lot it seems. I have been playing since open beta started and I can say that it has come a LONG way from that time frame. We used to have a 4 tier spread in the same battle and I am not talking about scouts…
  • Originally posted by leojreimroc Hey everyone   If anyone is looking for another code, here is one: QBDY34W3   Cheers!   Just used it and set up my sub. Thanks!
  • Great idea! Poll Inserted!   Thanks everyoine for the answers thus far. Nice collection of answers for sure.