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  • Originally posted by Mischiff I got bored after i finished Transylvania.  I love the game, but the PVP isnt as fun as other games ive played .. and once you are done with the story line etc .. there isnt much else to do .. i really loved playing the…
  • I still have a hard time with combat, but not because I can't figure out the skill wheel.  I just am not good at dodging the attacks (watching out for lines).  There was one solo instance in the haunted carnival that repeatedly handed my head to me …
  • Originally posted by kevjards Originally posted by pvthudson01 [mod edit] wow i,m a moron am i? i got two lifetime subs..one to TSW and one to Lotro..total cost for both £225 or thereabouts..the lotro the cheapest at £75.i bought the lotro lif…
  • Originally posted by Zharre Seriphin: It might not help the auto-fillin, but at least you can control the results you get. When I'm attempting to research without being spoiled I put negatives in my search. Usually ( -quest ) or ( -"secret world" ) …
  • In the free trial that TSW had for it's 1st month anniversary, the majority of comments I read in chat had to do with "I like this game, if it was F2P I'd be playing it."  I heard that more often that complaints about combat, or lack of options in t…
  • So the nostalgia bug bit hard, and I reactivated my Gemstone IV account (although it has been 10 years and it was Gemstone III back then).  So far I'm having a blast (but my typing skills need to improve).  Thanks for posting this article and making…
  • Originally posted by simu-solomon In fact, anyone posting here that has been away from GemStone or DragonRealms for more than a year and wants to come back for a peek around, drop me a note and we'll get your account reactivated for a couple weeks o…
  • All this talk of Gemstone has got me totally nostalgic.  I started playing GS3 through Prodigy and then AOL, up until Asheron's Call came out, and then GS3 turned into GS4.  In addition to the RPing and the live GM events, I also enjoyed the game me…