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  • I have an active subscription to both games. EVE Online is great for when you feel like belonging to a larger picture and helping your corporation pursue their goals. There is no end game and there's always something new to learn. Vanguard is good i…
  • All I have to contribute to this thread is, ever aggro'ed a mob and then ran away from it? The animation is ridiculous, they run after you like they're on speed + crack + LSD + heroin + ecstacy.
  • I myself am on my 7th time back to the game. It's a really hard game to get into sometimes, you can't just join a group and run an instance, and dying means spending 2+ hours buying your ship back and getting all the necessary equipment, assuming yo…
  • I think the number of subscriptions is around 600-700K. Usually there's about 20,000 players logged on simultaneously. It's hard to really rate EVE. On one hand, you have the MMORPGs that have all the content provided for you and you just go throug…
  • What's your Language for non-Unicode programs set to in the Control Panel -> Regional and Language Settings -> Advanced tab? That might affect the font size.
  • Official site is www.eve-ccg.com.
  • They've stated that Kali will be deployed in three parts, Revelations 1, 2, and 3. Revelations 1 is due on November 28, 2006, but I don't know the dates for the other 2. Obviously, these graphical updates are not part of 1.
  • Originally posted by @Large - There is no sense of accomplishment when gaining skill. Flag the skill and walk away. So there's somehow a sense of accomplishment when you grind mobs/quests, level up, then talk to a skill trainer to learn a new sk…
  • Easy fix, either unplug your gamepad, or go into your options and uncheck use gamepad. Unfortunately, this setting resets every time you restart the game, so better to just unplug your gamepad.
  • Personally, I don't see why anyone should believe someone who just created an account to make this post. If you had more clout, then it'd be different, but right now all I see is the ranting of an anti-fanboy.
  • Originally posted by DannieBoy ...when the simple truth is it DOES happen and CCP actually endorse it... The definition of endorse is to approve, support, or sustain. Nowhere did CCP say they approve, support, nor are actively sustaining the sellin…
  • The file's around 555 MB.
  • I haven't asked around much about time, but the few that I did usually quoted anywhere from 6-8 hours, usually from 10 PM till 6 AM. It's a steady job, so they usually work 5-6 days a week, depending on the place they're working for. I don't approve…
  • I don't care about the engine, give me gameplay.
  • Originally posted by Telaki So instead of paying people in the States with all the workers rights boundires, (8 hour shifts, Minimum wage, overtime, etc.) They do it over in another country where they can do 12 hour shifts, and $2.00/week pay. You …
  • I don't see how this is related to SWG. Sure, it's made by a division of Sony, but Sony is HUGE and has many other departments. That's like saying "Oh look, Africa has starving people, the rest of the world must suck!".
  • I would be playing EVE right now if not for two problems I have with the game: 1. I spend 90% of my time traveling around, a.k.a. watch TV while I 'play' the game. 2. Combat, for the most part, is very boring. The actual strategy behind combat is v…
  • Originally posted by lomiller Each of the zones you mention is far larger then their counterparts in some other games. Antonica is bigger then all the Alliance level 10-19 zones combined in WoW, I don’t know the horde side as well, but I think it’s…
  • I relate MMO's to working at a pen factory. Your job is to put a cap on as many pens as possible. Sometimes the pens are fat, sometimes they're thin, and something they require a special cap, but regardless, you're putting caps on pens the whole tim…
  • A game that sells many copies is most likely a good game and very popular. However, just because a game doesn't sell well doesn't mean it's not a good game. For example, how many of you heard of a game called Dangerous Waters? Probably not a lot. Bu…