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Quick Shot Productions, Used to be a Camera guy for some FPS clans on Call of Duty such as C4U. I'm a musician and make many of my own songs, using guitar, drums, bass, keyboard and singing. Im looking for a good RPG to start playing that is straight forward but still creative at the same time.


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  • do games ever go back to original patches if the new ones mess up? never seen that happen before
  • Fear not ego maniacs! it has a secret to the game!...the trees on the golf course can fly!! lol I'd try the game if it wasnt so long to download...or if it wasnt about golf. maybe its about something else as well?.....
  • hmm. the site is still up? maybe victor is doing something? donationscams@victor.com lol tut tut. i thought this looked like a great game. little sad to never be able to play it
  • so close now..............who bets its NOT gonna be out before 2007? im sure i read somewhere it was gonna be out september, then read fall 2007, im guessing by the amount of bugs they need to fix up its gonna take another 3 months of work..
  • maybe its just me but after playing the single player game of pirates of the caribbean, i found it to become an extremely addictive game. ok land battles could be better, but im still thinking the game is more about the ships, and the amount of stuf…
  • in my opinion the game is quite good, otherwise no one would play it.. then again habbo is very popular >_> i played the game for a year at the age of 13, reaching a sort of overall level of 60 something, probably very pathetic, but thats be…
  • i guess its just me that doesnt understand the game too well, i hope they make toturial a bit clearer. like "to do this you must have this" not "this is what you need for something that will need later in the game but you might have it now and this …
  • Originally posted by r3dbull Originally posted by Trojangoku This game is pretty good Finally a game that doesnt center around killing...lol. We can build, repair, collect resources and manage our ship. Love it. Yeah it's a game where…
  • hey guys, i will support VC if someone please explains to me how to play. im not sure if either its not very friendly to noobs or if im just plain stupid, either way im finding it very hard to do anything, especially when no one will talk to me on t…
  • hmm, i think thats probably the best part of runescape, being able to trade and stuff. and it also has quite a good defence against hackers. but its just too boring for in the end. i believe more things should probably be added to allow you to have …
  • This site is wrong to be here for many reasons, and I wouldnt call it anything more than a 16bit 2D chatroom. Its not even a virtual hotel. I never realised you actually needed to buy your own furniture in a hotel, and with real money. This chatro…