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  • Originally posted by drbaltazar sorry for our unstellar english !lets see your englisn,chinese,french,italian for fun! It's English. Ching chong ching chong wice bowl. Run Away! Itsa me! Mario!
  • Yes im a sexy FEMALE *WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE* night elf, no you can't have me.
  • Originally posted by Stradden MMORPG.com's Jon Wood takes over this list this week, taking a look at five MMOs that have, for whatever reasons, fallen off the radar of both journalists and the playing public. In the world of video game journalism, …
  • Originally posted by Omali Originally posted by Oracun Why can't they just cancel RuneScape or sell it on and make a proper game?, like, jesus christ i cant believe people ACTUALLY PAY for that shit game, HD?, HD my fucking ass.   I bet you wish …
  • Originally posted by MikeB MechScape, Jagex's sci-fi successor to RuneScape, has been confirmed as canceled according to a report over at Eurogamer. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard confirms that the game has been canceled at significant cost to the company. …
  • Why can't they just cancel RuneScape or sell it on and make a proper game?, like, jesus christ i cant believe people ACTUALLY PAY for that shit game, HD?, HD my fucking ass.
  • "More on that story at 11, Recently a Poll has been made on the MMORPG.com forums asking, "Is Zu Online Dead?" According to our reporters, there is 50% saying the game is dead, and there is 50% saying it is dead, Experts say "DEAD" just might be win…
  • Originally posted by Zorndorf Originally posted by Oracun It's Official, WoW players have no will power.   Indeed the game is simply too good for us mere mortals. ))   No seriously, I dont get why people find it so addictive, i play eve now and i…
  • It's Official, WoW players have no will power.
  • And so is your Grammar/Spelling Heil Spelmar o/
  • Give it to me Thats always a option
  • I'll trade a beta key for your beta key I have a few beta keys, contact me.
  • "Death comes to us all in New Eden; no matter how safe you think you are; if you choose to leave the protection of a station you risk destruction. Losing your ship leaves only a wreck behind, which contains whatever modules survived the explosion, a…
  • Originally posted by shadowfame Whats wrong with you guys! this game sucks!!!! It's Sarcasm dipshit and on a side note THIS GAME IS THE FUCKING BEST.
  • Originally posted by cmann40 ok maybe its just me but i dont get this game at all and it surely cant be labled an mmorpg. To me to each his own but i had never even heard of this game until i started coming to the mmorpg.com site a few years ago. I …
  • Originally posted by EpicWin Yep, thats basically what it looked like.    I dont see how they can live with themselves to be honest. I think their parents need to give them a spanking, lol. Parents? Dont be silly, these are Children not cared for …
  • Originally posted by EpicWin Yeah, the company is despicable.    But its sort of worthless arguing and complaining.  You'd have better luck calling the police and telling them someone stole your marijuana and you want them arrested.     Koreans are …
  • Well, if this is how LOTRO makes their business, i will not even attempt to try the game, due to fear that they may just sign me up for a subscription, lol, but yeah, do tell us a bit more, did you get into a conversation with any staff from LOTRO? …
    in Dirty Trick Comment by Oracun July 2009
  • Originally posted by FikusOfAhazi Originally posted by illorion i was hoping that this game would be kinda like eve except avatar based and the quests wouldnt be horribly boring. However after reading all the dev crap i realize that it wont be what …
  • I was almost expecting it to say "DIE?!" Oh well *sigh*