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  • Who says TERA is strictly PVP? to say TERA -> PVP  is funny, try going to the site and reading more about the game.  Just because it has PVP doesnt mean it's all around PVP.   We don't even know if there will be PVE /RP servers yet, so to make …
  • Originally posted by manateeme Originally posted by Lizard_SF Man, I wish I could score the backward-pointing rose-colored glasses franchise for MMORPG.com. I'd make a fortune. Let's look at UO as it REALLY was, shall we? One skill -- magic -- …
  • This is not the end of TERA.  TERA is still releasing content as we speak, so to say 1.7 million will cripple the company it won't because they have millions invested.   As for the plagorism case, this will hit TERA hard.  Will it recover?  Yes, b…
  • LOL I just replied on a similar thread http://www.mmorpg.com/discussion2.cfm/thread/266680/page/29 Make sure to clarify which UO.  I suspect UOT2a or UOSL  ... As expansions after that IMO ruined the game. Neon weapons, Neon Dyes, Skill adjust…
  • www.TERAFANS.com - get all your up-to-date info on TERA, soon after it hits Hangame!
  • Originally posted by Knightcry  No lore? UO one of the longest running lores in any mmo.  You then stated mobs were randomly placed? Wow, what game did you play? Zombies in the graveyard, deer in the woods and dragons in a cave.....yeah sure ther…
  • You need a KSSN...There's no way for us westerner's until another FGT.  Just keep involved in the community on their website or MMO sites and you might get access to an upcoming FGT in english.  
  • Originally posted by lisubab Originally posted by mrcalhou Originally posted by Kaliber13 Originally posted by Frostbite05 FF will most likely but superior in both game play and sub numbers  Alright lets all go play the game with the mos…
  • Campfire?  I really hope it's not a automatic ability push 7 and bam a fire on the ground lol.  Sounds neat.  Hopefully they make it so you have to go gather your own kindle and materials before you start a camp fire.   EDIT: Guess I should have…
  • Originally posted by Kaliber13 Originally posted by bronecar Great news, but I'm not actually sure how much is needed and if the money will be enough :P   I googled some stuff. Found out that AOC(funcom) got around 40 million to develop th…
  • Thank you so much! now lets hope it keeps updated ;o) with the CBT videos also.
  • We are able to keep our OB characters, but not CB.
  • CB3 just went down lastnight, we are now going into CB4 (beta). I forget what date it reopens, but I think it will be back up on 01/16/10 (heard they will be introducing mounts and fixing PVP this time around).  For accurate information visit their …
  • LOL exactly what I did, I typed it too fast so nothing came out.  Didn't want anyone walking by my office wondering what I was doign with my elbows.