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  • To some this thread up   You either like the game or not just because you likr it dosnt mean others should and same goes to the other side I personaly like it if anything kills this game it will be np3 mangerment not the game it self
  • seen all but the last to above and the fish also seen some that havent been mentioned i tihnk they need a better update
  • they closed the fourms in order to reg the accouts with the sever as its was the fourm spaming that was slowing this process
  • Originally posted by Deerhunter71 4) The movement to me is very bad, I hate to keep double-clicking to the spot I want to move to.  And if I click too far I have yet to find out how to stop and not keep going. err its w a s d movement what are …
  • actully considering this is basicly open beta you should really expect bugs like this
  • As with every thing its up yo every one to decide for them self. I never said the game was good or bad i have my opion and i will stick to it. I just luc watching uninformed people like jack dog (note not you inferno) make rash deasion based off o…
  • Actully as inferno said ( get the hint) these video as i BELIVE it to be make the game look alot worse graphicly than it actully is but thats for your minds to make up   But TBH the game isnt EQ2 but i would rate the GFx better than horizons and…
  • Originally posted by Jackdog Originally posted by Phoenixs Oh shit. That was terrible The only thing that looked decent was the Dragon flying, and only the flying itself. Gee what a surprise......not Have you actully seen the vids yet …
  • Originally posted by elvigy I predict that- 1. People like you will find any excuse to continue whining and bitching when you're time could be better spent actually playing a game (any game, please see the mmorpg.com home page to begin your resear…
  • Originally posted by Zippy Originally posted by clinteast Originally posted by Zippy I have to disagree with you I don''t think the fanboys are here attacking everyone and anyone who disagrees with them because they hate the game as you sug…
  • Originally posted by snaggletooth "In any instance, I can almost guarantee you that you won't be playing SOG this weekend if you haven't already recieved an email invitation to the SOG pre-game release." uhm.. anyone who downloads the free play wi…
  • Originally posted by -Inferno- My arguing is based on knowledge. Does that make you happy? But so is mine and more up to date as well
  • Originally posted by Jackdog I guess the good thing is all these types will be the first ones running kicking and screaming that NP3 committed anal rape on them when they see SoG. I kind of feel sorry for NP3 in a way now, they have sure painted t…
  • Originally posted by Jackdog I think I will just grab a tub of popcorn and shoot for a free key in December. I would not have even gotten back in this thread if Ful had not been spouting the party propaganda about Inferno. I have low tolerance for…
  • inferno its been a long time since you have been kick out of beta mate perhapes a lot change since then ..... i doubt it lo
  • To preorder or not to preorder i for one wont be ordering its up to eaxh of you to draw your own conclosions
  • I dont agree the 2005 E3 vid was poor at best but since then there has been 7 months of beta and graphical enhancment not to mention new shaders added to give more realalistic apperance.   While i do agree its not the best looking game out i als…
  • Originally posted by kimola Taken from the french version of the newsletter. Ce pr
  • Every one and all can get into the open beta but there is a preorder system for some who wish to choose to put money by the game.   This preorder well give you extra things when the game is realase in april.   Expect a chacter wipe at the en…
  • Originally posted by strouse "stourse you hate the game so much why come here" who I says I hate anything.. I merely state facts and opinions. lol you have never stated facts mate just your opinions