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  • Originally posted by anarchyart If EQ revamped the graphics so they were more up to date, I wouldn't need any other game, ever. If they added bloom and some more modern effects, and redid the landscapes, character and npc models, it would so rock…
  • I actually like the fact that I could get ganked anytime, by anyone. That's more realistic. I mean even if someone is "on your side" that doesn't mean they can't kill you. But I've had the game like a week and so far it's okay but I haven't gotte…
    in Question! Comment by Langretz April 2007
  • Yes one thing an MMORPG should do is make players team up in the beginning of the game. Too often MMORPG make a player start the game and play solo for the first 10 to 20 levels and then whole end game is Party party party. I think if the game swit…
  • If I would make an MMORPG. I would make the game huge. And I don't mean hype wise I mean to make land, and  A LOT OF IT  to be explored. That way grind could be spread out between a lot of places, among other things. I feel the grind in most Onlin…
  • I quit WoW after playing on Magtheridon and finding out that no one will party with you until you can run an instance. I pretty much gave up on trying to to solo because you would go from one area that had level 12-14 mobs to an area right next dorr…
  • Honestly to be able to Pilot a Gallente Titan, you have to have played the game at least ~760 days, which equates to about 2.5 years. And that is training only Spaceship Command Skills constantly and non stop. So as soon as one skill is doe you im…