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  • -Right now, the game is in a pre-release state. They had no business trying to release so early.   They are, also, devs that are 19 years of age. This is their first rodeo. They are still energetic, still developing the game and fixing issues re…
  • -Paypal does allow use of a credit card. You do not have to link any bank account information in order to use that feature. I've been using paypal for years with only my AmEx as payment form, works like a charm.   Good gaming to you.   Jergis
  • -Smart also posted a link to an article on Massively that he proclaims he "knew all this stuff years ago"... ...which is hilarious considering the last two paragraphs of that article talk about respecting the community, hiring a solid CM and not a…
  • -The main (non) issue with the blog statement is that he retro-self edits. He was not *just* talking about the lawsuit v him in those statements, though now some of those are missing and others have been edited. I'm just now getting into the Smart b…
  • ""it's a good bet the settlement didn't favor Mr. Allen""   -I was particularly focused on the fact that Mr. Allen got paid. Which was the absolute last thing Mr. Smart wanted to do by a reading of his statements (that haven't been self-edited).…
  • -Putting aside my dislike for the current leadership, the primary reason i wouldn't even consider downloading would be having to pay to chat. If looking at this fresh, without a history that reads much like Synthetick's, that one factor would get …
  • ""As long as Alganon can pay the company's bills, thats all we care about. We don't care about much else really.""   And that would be the primary reason to not want to try your games. It isn't always about the money. You may think you have more…
  • -David Allen had more people interested in buying and supporting the game than Mr. Smart ever will. That's a fact. Or, at least, as much of a fact as anything else Derek posts and bold-text exclaims to the few people reading. QOL as a team des…
  • -It's actually supposed to be "I couldn't care less". Attention to detail, take care in the words you choose, etc. Jergis
  • -So your proof that it doesn't need downtime or testing would be... ...6 players in the forums reporting that bugs in the instances cause mobs not yet even graphically rendered to aggro, draw distances to be poor and other code-related bugs includ…
    in Alganon 2.0 Comment by Jergis April 2010