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  • I don't think the graphics are very good. I was expecting at least something similar to L2 or maybe EQ2...  the models are blocky and ugly. I guess if the gameplay is good it won't matter much but , yeah... that's my opinion about it. It is 2…
    in ugly Comment by HardwareGuy August 2008
  • What server is your guild on?  i would like to join even if i have to start over. 
  • I am on the trial right now. ( old pre CU vet) I enjoy star wars in any form. I am having fun. I have grouped and it makes it very enjoyable. It is not the game it was back then at all. I would sub to this game if the rest of the game was …
  • As a side bar, i ordered my CE from best buy and they sent me an email stating that anyone who ordered the CE would not get their codes until  Aug 17th.  Is that when beta actually opens or am I getting hosed?  :P
  • I get your point there.  I don't care what motivates people to play  and yes we all deserve a good game.   I think the main theme of my post was to put out there, the fact that we as gamers could get more out of MMos if we would bond with one anot…
  • To add: How many of you would be interested in funding and or contributing intellectually to a game made by us.. for us..?   This idea has been plaguing me lately and i think it would be possible if enough people got fed up with mediocrity.   How …
  • Nice to see all the  responses.  I see where a lot of you are coming from.  I just wish we as a community could come together a little more and make these games mean more than just pixels for pleasure.  I didnt mean to insult anyones intelligence , …
  • Nice to see that so many already missed the point ...   I was speaking generally about responsibility. I was trying to get gamers to make their game a little better by focusing inward some but I guess I expected too much from such a bitter com…
  • I am not playing WoW anymore but...  I have 4 characters over 65 and 3 at 70 and can tell you this...   if you cant get out of stunlock then you need to practice more.  I can do it on a mage a rogue a warrior and my hunter and pally and they are all…
  • It's amazing how much people really don't know the human mind.  Online games are never going to be enough for people for very long. The difference between online "mmo-rpg?"  or whatever you want to call it, and normal console games is the fact tha…
  • It is Xtrap and no they dont plan on fixing it... get a new game..   SotNW uses it too and i cant play it either..  xtrap is crap and costing companies that use it ..subscribers.
  • Anyone know a good way to get in touch with people that played over on shadowfire in ELITE?  Be cool to see if they are gonna go back for something like that heh
  • I would love a reactivation key, since i used to have an account and have been thinking of playing again with the new changes coming in      email is  [email protected] thanks
  • This might be a stupid question, but I oredered the CE from best buy and I don't have a code yet and they say it will be Aug 17th until I get it..   Is that when the beta starts or am I misunderstanding who is actually playing the game right now?
  • just wish the ratings could be moderated more is all... sad really, user rating should be screened lol
  • I was thinking of trying this out again... been a loooong time. I don't think there a is a big enough population to make the game fun anymore but i could be wrong. Anyone playing it right now with a trial or something have a good idea of the server …
  • I played for 10 minutes today, saw that everyone looked the same, and then logged out to uninstall. GE looks great and feels neat. Looking the same as everyone else is just not my thing so it's not for me.
  • Honestly, unless you are a number cruncher, you wont be able to tell much difference. I would play what race/class you think looks good and has your playstyle. Most will say the same im sure.
  • Yeah, I am an old SWG refugee, 2.5 years or so of it. Great game but i think its done for now. I am going to buy LoTRO when i get the chance and try it out. I am playing Vanguard at the moment but its not really my cup of tea. Game has come a lo…
  • it has been my understanding that SWG is dead in the water. Do you have a big guild or lots of poulation where you are? Did they change back to the old talents system? CoX? what is that?