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  • Seriously?  The steaming pile of crap that is ESO is in the finals?  LOTRO ftw.
  • Great article.  Looking forward to ESO Btw - For the last image in the article, the javascript ViewImage method doesn't like the apostrophe in "M'Kai" in the image file name. You can view it directly at:  http://images.mmorpg.com/features/7451/ima…
  • March 5-9 in San Francisco http://www.gdconf.com/
  • Currently, I don't think there is any mmorpg that closely resembles the DR experience. I agree, though. DragonRealms is still my best gaming experience to date. I think if any game is going to bridge the gap between the freedom of text based games …
  • Originally posted by AmatheI was a huge fan of this game, but I have come to believe HJ was merely a marketing vehicle for an engine. This looks like vaporware. HJ has been in development since 1999 or earlier. That's probably before the term 'vap…
  • Originally posted by Agent_X7 It is a refuge many of us plan on fleeing to when Bush declares himself Emporer. "America has never been an empire. We may be the only great power in history that had the chance, and refused – preferring greatness t…
  • We still have quite an active HJ community forum at Hero's Hall, despite receiving little PR from Simutronics, and we even have a number of HJ Staff posting regularly. Unfortunately, though, most HJ topics have already been thoroughly discussed and…
  • Thanks to the Simu staff for responding. Even though we haven't had many official updates lately, it helps to see posts from GMs, even if it is only about their mundane daily RL routine. It reassures the community that all is going well and gives …
  • Shameless self promotion on a competing site?   Good news for HJ fans, though....  I think.  Wait... You added an 'off topic' forum and changed a poll and you are promoting 'that?'   Cheers to Tasoli and Daart, though!  I didn't know Stratics had a …
  • Very nice idea.
  • Yay.. more screenshots! I look forward to the body type/size code going in (as one of the devs said it eventually would). Everyone looks rather scrawny in all the screenshots I have seen thusfar...
  • I believe I read that there will be PvP on specific servers. Separate servers for RP, PvP, PvE, etc... What I hope for is a PvP situation similar to DR (maybe an RP/PvP combo server), where you can kill anywhere, even in town, but you risk Jail, R…
    in PvP Comment by HJ-Navarre June 2005
  • Thanks for the video link! Impressive.. most impressive. I hope Simu posts a high quality version of their own fairly soon (Hint! Hint!) Navarre Former and Future Paladin of Elanthia
  • I played DragonRealms for 8+ years. I have yet to find a game as fun as the time I have spent in Elanthia. I was lured away by the 3D eye candy of MMORPGs and have since played most out there. AC, AC2, EQ, EQ2, DaoC, SWG, FFXI, GW, WoW (current…