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  • It is still fun, a bit more ability to customize your character (since you actually get to buy your spells instead of them being "learned" automatically upon leveling.)  It still has a healthy population ( I still log in and play with my friends) an…
  • EQ2 since launch.  EQ since 2002.   Online games.. since 2002.
  • No, EQ will not "die out" anytime soon.  It may not still be the best selling or the leader anymore, but it has a deep fanbase and a lot of us will keep both our EQ accounts going so that we will always have a online home.  I play four MMO's righ…
  • Originally posted by AlexAmore Jesus was a hippy. LMAO.. Jesus was Arabic.... Now theres an image for you.. An Arabic Hippie, with flowers in his hair, a Star of David around his neck (instead of a peace symbol) and of course.. Birkenstocks on …
  • Originally posted by Crash86 Here's why I like solo play in MMO games.  When you play a single player game, you are in for a linear experience. You will be led down a path from beginning to end. While some games like NWN or KoTOR make it more inte…
  • World of Darkness has been announced.   Tulga is developing Dark World Online.  Its on the front page of this site.  Hope it retains the flavor, I miss running Masquerade (PnP). Good Luck and good gaming.  Cheers!
    in vampire mmo Comment by ChaosKin May 2006
  • Jenuviel, I love that idea.  I too would pay for that type of experience.  Thanks for bringing it up. Good Luck and Good Gaming.  Cheers!
  • "Everybody plays WoW" ???? I played it.. didn't like it and left it.  But I don't bash it.  Vanguard will amass a following just like every other MMO released and people will decide for themselves if they will stay.  I played SWG too, until the…
  • Actually, this deserves a rebuttal. I did not miss the point.  The core reason for MMO is to have lots of people online at once, so you can share the experience of the game and interact (not just group with) people in your game environment. …
  • Dead Like me. Firefly. (sorry I happen to be very happy Seinfeld is gone, along with Friends and 30something)
  • I see all of your points and agree with most.  I just meant that I couldn't understand the option for FULL solo.  I personally hated sitting around LFG for long periods of time because I played on a server that was very much not my timezone, so agai…
  • I love folks who bash SOE.  No really, they need some love somewhere, heh. Anyway, EQ and EQ2 are deep enough to handle you for a long time (EQ for 4 years and still going, EQ2 since launch) and Vanguard is coming... I agree with the comment …
  • I'm just going to chime in with a quick, I agree with Elnator 100 percent.  TTFN.
  • I like that fact that SOE will be handling the distribution and adding it to Station Access.. That means yet another game that I don't have to pay a different account for.  Woot!!! EQ, EQ2 and Vanguard for one low price.  Life is loveable again and …
    in Hah! Comment by ChaosKin May 2006
  • First, The health care is hardly "appalling".  The United States was founded by landowners and statesmen.  The health care system is the way it is, because due to the fact that the founders and the continuing generations have been capitalists.  Ho…
  • I was looking for the "I don't play WoW" option myself.  I also agree that it should be moved over to the game specific topic.  On a side note though, I like the idea of contestable territories in general. Good luck and good gaming.  Cheers!
    in Who Agrees? Comment by ChaosKin May 2006
  • Realistically, what would be the point of complete soloing.. that would be a stand alone game.. There would be no need or reason for the Massively Multiplayer part..  Just my opinion but that makes no sense. 
  • Welcome to the madness.  Yes, Stromm is/was one of the latest servers created so it should have lots of folks out there.  EQ is not hard especially not for someone who went through UO and AO.  Again welcome to the addiction. Oh and if you are buyi…
    in n00b Comment by ChaosKin May 2006
  • Ah, well that explains it.. I don't have audio support on this computer... thanks for the explanation. Good luck and good gaming.  Cheers!
  • Can somebody clue me in?  I clicked on the LOL link and see a Tomohawk cruise missile being launched from its tube, then streaking away from the launching ship and impacting a land based target.  The video cycle then repeats, did I not wait long eno…