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  • camden county college in south jersey :-D
  • I love UBO(UltimateBaseballOnline.com). It's not an MMORPG, it's a sports game, an MMOSG Do NOT hate until you try it. It's not a point and click lamefest like these other POS games. This game requires actual skill, let the true playa's emerge :-D …
  • You want a different MMO? Play UltimateBaseballOnline. I GUARANTEE you haven't play anything like it EVER. No ebayers No bots No KS'ing It'll help if your a sports fan. I love sports, but hate baseball, but this is a concept that's going to make a…
  • Not sure if you're into sports much, but you could give UBO(Ultimate Baseball Online) a shot. The graphics arent great, but we're focusing on helping to get the bugs out ASAP. As far as the community goes, sometimes it'll make you scream, but all i…
    in New MMORPG Comment by AntMMO August 2004
  • anyone manage to play alot of mmorpg (5-10hours +) and still get good grades in schooL? i played roughly 6 or more hours a day and around 30-40 hours a week playing games and i managed to rip down a 3.8gpa and a 3.3 gpa good for president and dean'…
  • I'm sure this thread cannot continue on without mentioning... House of the Dead Without this movie, Shawshank Redemption has no opposite! My favotire part in HOTD was when the one girl was screamin her azz off that they were gonna die and then 5 …
  • Thank you for sharing your fully thought out opinion of the game in question none
  • It's doing very well. I've been playing since the last wipe(June 18th) and the game has gotten nothing but better. The graphics may not be the best in the world, but i'm one of those gamers who believe that gameplay > graphics. For those of you t…