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  • TH's are still important but there is no denying they're not what they used to be. Within reason though, every class has been balanced so it's all what you want. A good example of this is the SK, orginally this was probably the worst class in the …
  • This makes the game sound balls to the wall amazing to me.
  • I'm in OB and I still don't know.
  • Wow, I did not see this happening... I wish the best to her family, and I hope they know how much we'll all miss her. Maybe the day of her passing, the boards and website could stop for that day. Make it her day permanently, I think she deserve…
  • I love the obvious ' look at my huge tits' pic :P NCsoft is trying way to hard to appeal to the horny gamer cliche, just go to the preview site for blade and soul and you'll see what I mean. I thought you couldn't go much farther than L2 with armo…
  • Originally posted by erinys nothing mmo about this, just a shitty looking chatbox with extra options!   nice spam though   Half the things people post in this board aren't mmos. Regardless, vSide is worth a look, although I recommend only …
  • Originally posted by Wolfenpride afraid not Berserk mmo?? yes yes plz   Hell yeah for Beserk mmo.
  • The fact that I received no answer, decided the 'small' community.
  • The grind is hard, but for an obvious reason, 2x EXP cards in the cash shop. It pretty much forces you to use the cash shop, but I don't think that's a bad thing. You can put out 25$ every 3 months and make your character look nice, and afford all…
  • If war fails...then it's all about Aion.
  • Order because they are going to be ridiculously out-numbered.
  • Originally posted by KAIxDEATH I love anime style and everyting but this game is horrible anyway you put it. I quit after reaching level 16 on two charecters so you cant say i didnt put enough time into it. I bought a card to make my guy look lik…
    in Review Comment by Amarao June 2008
  • Originally posted by paulscott I'd also be willing to bet that the game is likely to be heavily cash shop based... there's still those affilitions to iron realms after all, home of the $500 PvP character.   Actually, they are hoping to keep …
  • Originally posted by Murais Originally posted by katriell Ryzom had 'em.      Fixed.  
    in Spears? Comment by Amarao June 2008
  • Originally posted by gath Originally posted by Josher [...] I'm thinking a certain group of people who dress up as animals on weekends will really love it. Arent those the same people playing the Elf race on the other games?   Quite Pos…
  • Originally posted by paulscott It's from iron realms so if it's not class-skill(hybrid system) based I'd be surprised, and if it's not RP based I'd be surprised again.   If it's not cash shop I'd be surprised but not very since there's a differan…
  • Yes. Take a lesson from Lineage 2's destoryed economy. No one can make it in that game now without buying currency.
  • Originally posted by gath The only thing setting me back on that idea is, it's browser-based. I hate 3D made on the browser That worried me at too first, but after looking at the screen shots and watching the posted video it seems smooth enou…
  • Originally posted by Wildman2121 I agree with pretty much everything you said. The grind is horrible, the quest are..eh..their ok in my opinion, but you are accurate with "mind numbing" the thing that bugs me most about MS is..THE FREAKING CASH S…
    in Review Comment by Amarao June 2008
  • Originally posted by Satimasu Originally posted by Netspook   Originally posted by Katashi-kun Originally posted by Amarao   Originally posted by Qinshien well what server are you on? if you are on garuda and still low level, I can help…