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  • Originally posted by maputo [Edited by Finwe] Wow. Vulgar language AND a hint of racism. No real reason I shouldn't  report you, so I did ^^
  • Originally posted by maputo 20 bucks says 90% of the 9dragon fanboi's are asian AMIRITE? shebang shebang I hate people like you, I really do.
  • Originally posted by methane47 I know that black people dont fit in a game based in old asia... But it's also a slap in the face that apparently white people do...    White people don't fit in either, that's why there are none in the…
  • Some are "go get stuff for me" quests, others are "deliver this for me" and some are "find out the name of something for me", where you find out the name, and actually type it in. But as I said, there are so few quests at the moment, its hard to tel…
  • Originally posted by _jfreak They make it sound like a decient quest based mmo, but in reality, it's a grinder. Most of the quests haven't even been put in yet....it's closed beta (the devs said themselves only very little of the quests are…
  • Originally posted by _jfreak Don't hold your breath. Acclaim has already put thier foot in it with a very poorly handled closed beta. What? What's so poorly handled about it? Everything is going great so far (unless I am missing something). I ho…
  • I'm beta testing the game, and honestly, the point and click isn't very bad. Once you get the lightfoot ability, you never have to use point and click again if you don't want to (unless you are fighting), although that would make the land a bit hard…
  • Originally posted by Kungfubar Heh i'm really surprised that the hype is as high as it is.  I've seen nothing to make me think it's not just an average asian grind.  Very few heros to chose from, very little customization and tons of grind.  Sure a…
  • I am in the closed beta, and I think it is a great game (and I've only played it for 2 hours!) I would say more, but I need to keep the "code of silence" :P
  • Yup, everyone come on over! So far, we are a pretty good community .
    in Forums! Comment by Akiki August 2006
  • Well, since I've started this thread I have seen what the combat looks like, and it looks like it does in the preview movies. So I guess that question has been answered .
  • How hard is it to join the clans anyway?
  • Thach, I have a question. How many characters can you have on one server? I want to have a wu-tang character and a mo-jiao character, but will they have to be on seperate servers?
  • Just go to the screens section, go down to where it says "add a screenshot", click it, click browse, find the picture, and there you go.
  • Originally posted by kiepconchi ...is that thachsach the mod from gamevn and gamethu website??? arent you an imployee of vinagame? (the company host 9dragons in vn)??? Yeah, I noticed that he is a mod on gamethru, but I didn't know he was actua…
  • Maybe we should all send them emails telling them about the problem.
    in Forums! Comment by Akiki August 2006
  • Originally posted by Thachsanh Roughly 40~50 different skills for each classes. They all need to be leveled up to be effective. You just cant level them all up. You will have to pick from the skill set those you like and train on them. You mean …
  • IGN made a new article: http://rpgvault.ign.com/articles/723/723070p1.html
  • Originally posted by Thachsanh 9D also have a feature I have not seen even in western game. It's the mimic or imitate system. You have a special type of item kinda like a mask that allow you to imitate a specific clan disciples that you want to inf…
  • Yeah, REAL 9 dragons forums would be great (no offense to the people who work at this site )