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  • Runescape is far from sandbox now. May as well call WoW sandbox now too.
  • Dawntide by far, true to sandbox as can be, and in a loveable high fantasy setting, while still innovating where previous games have never gone before.
  • I can't agree with Divine Souls and Continent of the Ninth being "Brilliant Looking" MMORPGs, firstly; Divine Souls, while having a novel combat and movement design, really underneath is just a casual lobby Smash 'em up game. Continent of the Ninth …
  • Even though it isn't dead as such - far from it, to most of the original fans it is, thats why i would like Runescape revived, the real Runescape, before it was dumbed down into the childrens online playground it is now.
  • Intel Core i7-980X Extreme Edition 12GB DDR3 1600 (2GB x 6) 2TB (1 x 2TB) SATA-II 3.0Gb/s 7200RPM HDD 4X Blu-Ray Drive Intel X58 Coolermaster 690II Advanced Gaming Case Asetek 240mm Liquid Cooling System NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480   Not…
  • Originally posted by Zookz Originally posted by gnomechef The Bible.   Only if I can play as zombie Jesus.  Well obviously nobody could play as Jesus, it just wouldn't be right. Though an MMO based around the old testament could …
  • The Bible.
  • If some of you have actually played the game or been active on the website, instead of looking at a screenshot of the game UI and smack talking, you would know that actually the game is further away from the EVE UI than it looks and it is moving fur…
  • Just because Perpetuum has some similarities to EVE, it does not mean that it is copied. Avatar has some similarities to the Last Samurai, just as the Last samurai had similarities to dances with wolves. Though it does not mean that avatar went and …
  • In no particular order, Star Wars: The Old Republic Fallout: New Vegas Mirror's Edge 2
  • I never thought i'd live to see the day developers would go this low.
  • After MoM expansion, lotro has turned into a piece of junk. Most of the original population left, and has been replaced by wow-tards and some children, its a grinding (albeit through quests), gear gated, gear dependant, bland game now.
  • I'm in beta too! Hoping it won't let us down.
  • Sadly there aren't many games like that around these days, but these are some i can remember off the top of my head. -The Chronicles of Spellborn -Fantasy Earth Zero -Dungeons and Dragons Online There are probably more then those somewhere b…
  • I have played a while on the beta testing, and i must say it definitely like one person said before "too incomplete to judge", there are multiple performance issues, combat is not working at all at the moment (no animations), clunky controls, sync i…
  • anyway my reason for creating this thread was to get some awareness of a indie sandbox game which looks like it could become something great.
  • Actually the engine was made for the game as they felt it was the best way to approach the project, as the lead developers have said on the official forums, they are just raising more funds by licensing the engine to other projects. P.S: The website…
  • Originally posted by Cecropia Originally posted by Anubisan If they are indeed legit, it would be in their best interest to let McAfee know they have a false positive on their website... Why in the world are you using McAfee? You'd be w…
  • Originally posted by HanoverZ Originally posted by gnomechef From what i have read and seen, it is very well presented and the team actively incorporate player feedback from the forums into their ideas and plans for the game. Read and s…
  • From what i have read and seen, it is very well presented and the team actively incorporate player feedback from the forums into their ideas and plans for the game.