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  • Why do you insult people? A little bare skin is just nothing.
  • thanks for the hint. I already uninstalled ignite. Using another server than Venus also helped with the disconnections. It is not easy to find a game with sexy girls with big guns that's not totally crap. So i give this one another try
  • This is a mature game. So if you download it and if you play it, it is your responsibility that it is out of reach for minors. On the other hand, there is just some bare skin, but no sex action involved. So what? You can see just as much skin on a …
  • I disagree with that court decision for 2 reasons: A programmer who leaves a company has his experience as capital to make finding a new job easy? According to that law they have not. They are not allowed to use their experience to program somethi…
  • There is only one way to stop bots. Encrypt the data stream really good with an asynchronous algorythm and change the keys every day. If you have an open data stream, a bot programmer can and will create an entirely new game client. They need no g…
  • I really don't know why some people don't like WoW (or any other MMO-Game) for the repeating stuff. Have you played the older computergames again and again? Most of them not, I'm sure. I play WoW for over a year now and I really like it because I …
  • Blizzard would be stupid if they release a new fantasy mmorpg as long as WoW is the most popular/populated mmorpg (with big margin). They would compete their own product. But they have the knowledge and the money to create one in another genre. My …
  • First you talk bad about the game, then you talk about who wasted more money. HZ has it's fans, I am one of them, playing the game for over 1,5 jears now. It has it's weaknesses, but one thing I really don't miss, that's the prolls loving to kill ev…
  • I read it and several other sources of information too. Of course I don't get the whole picture but I think Allan is not the man to lead a company and produce a product to the end. He left his new company, pharaoh productions, without finishing 3 …