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film and media studies major, with an interest in video games study.


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  • All of these complaints are selfish.  Oh no, the game isn't going to play like every other MMO!  GOOD!  That is what I am most excited about.  The reason I haven't stuck with an MMO for more than a couple months is because they all suck in the same …
  • haha no, the pre release was actually sold this year.  over the summer I believe.  But those people who were originally accepted into the Beta were accepted a few years back I think.
  • Its showing signs of life again.  The Beta has started and the forums are active again...well, there's like half a dozen people active on the forums, but that counts to me.
  • Whoa.  Beta has now started.  I got my CD key, though the server was taken down to fix a bug so I haven't logged in yet.  Some of the other guys have now.  There's probably not much there yet, but they will be slowly adding it all in.  For those of …
  • they are saying the same thing they have been saying:  they are working on it, getting rid of bugs, and that the beta will be out soon.  But its not like they haven't said this before.  But, supposably, its not dead, though I might argue that its on…
  • some would argue it is dying a slow, painful death.  other's would argue its living a slow, painful recovery.  Personally, I'd say its on life support, but we are told it will make a full recovery.
  • Originally posted by Zorvan   Originally posted by ThinkHarder GameMonger, the community manager, has announced that a closed beta consisting of mainly long term community members will start on August 1st. This is great news for Twilight War a…