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FFXI player since launch Odin server name: Lafarge, 70 rogue in WoW Onzozo on nazjatar, new player to EVE


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  • I agree, its not necessarily easier to get items and fight end game monsters, what I am trying to say is that when you can get all HNM land king drops from instances now, every expensive item is rare/exd and available in BCNM now it took all the act…
  • Just a response to your comment man, you can in fact use WASD if you switch to compact keyboard in the settings menu, sure you cant jump off 90 foot cliffs and dance like a deuche bag or outrun mobs I was justsaying that the control are not as bad a…
  • you're missing the point above poster, what they removed was the difficulty in obtaining EXP and items. I quit because they removed the ability to obtain expensive and rare items through camping notorious monsters and replaced it with instance-type …
  • Both of things are possible in the game, what you do is goto settings and switch to compact keyboard mode, that allows WASD and alot of shortcut keys that are easy pickup and play with, mouse clicking to move around and target is also possible, it j…
  • I have to agree completely with the author of this article. I have been out of FFXI for several years now, but I started at launch. The thing that drew me to ffxi was the fact that being well geared, well respected and skilled at your class actually…
  • Nice, not a bad description. Ive played blm since FFXI launched in America. Its been an awesome ride and it took a long time for players to realize some of the major strengths a blm has. At end game, soloing should rely heavily on an RDM subjob usin…
  • You all need to give this author a break. First of all I think its awesome FFXI got a little attention with this article and being a nearly 5 year veteran of the game, as well as many of you, we know that FFXI is very hard to pay for equips as you l…