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  • First est was set to 2009 Q4 so it is most likely it' sgoing to be released in 2010 Q4 at the earliest, most likely 2011 Q1 if u consider the releases of most other mmo's.
  • Now iI wasnt reffering to any specific Dm, I was more thinking about the many books that describe the world of D&D, they are very colorful and describes the many major cities in detail with maps housing and peaople very detailed. So i cant say t…
  • Well, there are a few still playing, at least the last time i was in a couple of months ago.  It's mostly the serious once left so u wont have to be bothered by any beggars or worried about being called a ,,, i can hardly get myself to say it... her…
  • Seems fair enough, many thanx.
  • Heh! Swg in a nutshell.
  • Oy, thanx for the info on this one guys
  • Ohh.. and there was the one when you had set up camp up on a hill or a mountain, and u was about to deploy, the ground changed back to it's original state and everyone floated in the air. If I don't misstake it still happens sometimes, don't it?
  • Ye, I almost forgot about this one, sometimes when you where out driving your speederbike or swoop, it could all the sudden stand right up and point to the sky, and you had to drive around like that until you recalled it, or at worst had to restart …
  • Yep, one of the most annoying bug for crafters where the one where you put a full backpack with newly crafted items inside your house and it ended up iside a wall. It could take forever for the GM's to get it out. Another was when u where swimming…
  • One thing I found a bit difficult about the quests was that they where not so specific about where u where going, it was more about an area than to a certain spot, and look for something more that a specific thing. Not all the quests but a great dea…
  • Yepp , the one and only(almost) And u might expect me ingame in a few weeks.
  • Feels like I'm up for some tea then      Thanx for the info.
  • Still, it's just a game and not an investement, i mean u still spend time on other games that u eventually grow tired of. I've played a great number of online games and yes it would be a bit sad if any of them would be put down since u put alot of w…
  • U might as well buy it since u can get both city of heroes and city of villains for 159:- (swedish) from cdon.com and u get some extra material in this box as well that u cant get anywhere else, like a jetpak a cloak at lvl 20 and some other stuff i…
  • I must say I havn't played after the chapter 7 launch, and it does sound like an improvement as u stated above Obraik. More storage for your housing is a must if u are a collector as I am and new abilities for my commando sounds even better. One of…
  • It's a shame really, as so many have said before me. This could really have been a great game if only someone else would have gotten their hands on it first..
  • Yeh, one can only hope
  • Just read this, and it made me a bit disapointed since it was planed from the start... "Tabula Rasa has changed considerably during development, including revision of the original vision. Vehicles, space combat and player housing won't be included…
  • Ye, now that u mention it, they did say something about player housing. I totally forgot about that..... But then again, developers always change their mind along the way Thanx for refreshening my memory
  • Same thing happend to me, so i tried to cancel the preorder and bought it from ncsoft's homepage instead, then the code came a few days later from the first order and they told me i couldnt cancel it because they sent me a beta code, so now im stuck…