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  • in regard to grinding...dunno. at lvl 94 im still interested. normally im out of a game near lvl 50. i also might just be excited about 2nd job at lvl 100 so....dunno. there are quests for the questers and grinding for those who just dont care. i fo…
  • Problems with vista?? i running it in compatability for xp service pack 2. i just right click and run as admin. the only problem is when i go to change my character after playing one i might dc. but thats it. mebbe i have a super computer but i ca…
  • i agree with awesomo. recently they made some major changes in naRose(north american version) so there arent any real guides out yet, but its all good. you get whatever skills you want depending on how you want to play. The skills allow for some goo…
  • is true. most f2p korean games are simply grindfests.... only game that isnt completely grindfest as i can tell is shaiya, but even that is boring. Im a gamehopper i guess. Stillc ant find a game that will capture my attention for more than 2 weeks.…
  • if you find a good (::FREE::) game lemme know
  • Vista doesnt allow the download?? I've done it 4 times over...(dont ask).  For me, downloads take forever anyways with my internet connection so i dunno about that. But i played the game before and its not so bad. If your a hardcore pvper who doesnt…
  • hey thanx it worked. thanx for the help  
  • okay, ill see if that works. thanx for answering amazingly fast appreciate it. ill try to let ya know if it works