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  • My continued boycott of SOE is a result of the way I was treated personally as a customer.   My game was discontinued, and replaced with a product I never bought, and when I voiced my concerns about it to "the powers that be", I was subsequently…
  • "Simply Star Wars" just isn't enough. I would prefer a game like the old SWG, regardless of the franchise. Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly... It wasn't as much about Star Wars as it was about the freedom of the player to shape the game (as opposed…
  • Interesting that alot of posts would like to see the game to be developed into what SWG used to be, and implement elements that were being suggested for SWG long before the NGE.
  • The only interest sparked here for me, is to see what things are being said about it. I have no intention of ever buying another Star Wars game, and certainly not going to play SWG again until there is a version pre-NGE. It will happen eventually.
  • LOL, nice comeback. I think the SWG veteran comunity has a right to post however they feel, whether it is good or bad. If you are tired of seeing people express discontent over what heppened when SOE released the NGE, then simply don't read it. …
  • The advertisements are the least of what's wrong with this game.
  • I played for a few weeks. It has alot of content at lower levels, and you really have a sense of momentum and accomplishment. Once you reach level 40ish, it just becomes a boring grind for fractions of a percent of xp. No crafting or other avenu…
  • I was always curious about this game, and I even check back here to see what people think of the game. The only reason I never played this game was because SOE is the one I have to go through to play it. I have to agree with the people that give S…
  • I have invested too much time and energy into my favorite GW1 character, I would only purchase a new campaign I could use my current character on. I don't have any interest in starting over from scratch.
  • I have all 3 campaigns, and the Eye of the North expansion. I have been playing since Factions was first released, over 2 years ago, and I still log in alot of hours of gameplay per week. They use the term "best bang for your buck" and this game…
  • I think the first campaign anyone should start with is the simple, and fun campaign of Prophecies. Once you get your feet wet, you will prob want to aquire a campaign or expansion that has Hero Henchmen, so I would really reccomend Nightfall. Ther…
  • Walt Disney used to be about the kids. Now it's a greedy corporation that is so petty, they won't let kids play full screen without paying. One of the most ridiculous limitations in a free game I have ever heard of.
  • It never gave me the option of choosing it's location, as I never install software on my C: directory. It swiftly installed onto C; without my confirmation.
  • The game crashes alot on or off wifi. It's loaded with an unreasonable amount of glitches, bugs and exploits. I suspect that tech guy was just blowing smoke, as instructed. Typical of nearly all tech support, to blame you, and your PC. This game…
  • The simple answer is: NO.   This game has more bugs and glitchy behavior than pre-nge SWG. There are numerous invulnerability glitches, and everyone is exploiting them to death. The game is highly unstable, crashes constantly, and has numerous d…