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  • Originally posted by Sicc1 Originally posted by neohero0001 Hi,       I just wondering if a casual player / pve player can have fun in DFO or it´s just 100% PVP .   The answer is yes.I work full time, own a home, have kids and a wife.S…
  • Thanks Guys.... I´ll give GW2 a try and just let FFIV behind now, since i didn´t like FF XI .      
  •   Nope,       Isn´t worth for a newb started, just coz Blizz told that don´t care for newplayers and all update focus on vets. The insta 90 says everything about their plans. A newb has to choose begin and play alone in a low -mid zone very dead …
  • Originally posted by Ppiper I got a free level 85 in EQ2 last month. It didn't feel right as I had not done much of the previous content so I started from scratch.       Same here, i got my lv 85 "hero" , but i didn´t like coz my main char still …
  • Originally posted by zevian Its cool for people with old accounts who dont want to level 60-70-80  to 100   Its a pretty good idea to get those old accounts to try out the game again,  it bring them up to the current leveling and expansion.   …
  • Ok, ok guys... i give up... i dont have time to waste in flame wars here. .. can a MOD close this post plz? OH, i promise never more post here. cya " it´s hard to understand why ppl with over 1k post keep complaining about guys who post just …
  • Well, im asking coz this is a MMORPG forum.. .  Second, i wanna save time, coz time is money .
  • I know , but the devs are redoing the whole game ( i guess ). so, no patchs, and the game future is dark coz nobody knows what will happen ( wipe, new bill sytem, etc ).