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  • Just like to say that I had a shot at playing this game like a week ago late at night. I can totally understand why people spend so much money on this game and it's addicting to them. The reason is pretty obvious, you build your own little "kingdom"…
  • Originally posted by WindyCity The company that runs Evony is forcing its players to upgrade into its new game Evony II.  Players who have spent a great deal of time and money building up their characters are being forced to take big resets of their…
  • If it's true that they hack accounts, the creators need to be arrested and sued...
  • Originally posted by Blazz I think what you should ask yourself is: Is any game really worth it? You could spend those two months learning to play an instrument, etc. etc.... Lol? I've been learning to play the tuba for about 8 months or so…
  • Thanks for the fast reply. I honestly have no clue if I should sub to it or not. I'm definately going for the 10-day trial again, and if that works out, I'll sub and buy the game. Once I reach level 60 (I heard that's the cap for the original gam…
  • Originally posted by DSLA1195 This game might be popular with teen agers and young adults but it first was targeting 6 and below kids. Disney made this game  to first target 4,5,6 year old kids and there familys but it ended up doing loney teenagers…
  • Originally posted by NetSage Don't know what dragon nest is but it sounds like you want Darkfall.   Ehh... I was going to say Vindictus, but it has tons of blood and gore, so I don't think you would like it. 
  • Originally posted by TehxCeara Nexon does ignore problems... Problems like when the housing channel crashed and they didn't bother to fix it for 2 days. THEY DIDN'T EVEN POST A NOTICE OR TAKE THE HOUSING CHANNEL DOWN! So people kept getting stuck in…
  • No. There aren't many events that ARENT'T about cash items, and it gets boring pretty fast. This is nothing more than your cartoon WoW with lots of things missing out. For the first, what--20 levels?--your going to look like a lot of other people. T…
  • Woah, you finished school and you don't even know how to spell it right? Hehe, joking.
  • No... I never expected anything. I never had an interest in this game or the ads. Apparently this company is REALLY desperate. I just want them to die, that's all.
  • Korean website: http://heroes.nexon.com/Intro.aspx Apparently that's the only website for the game at the moment. This game is expected to be released sometime this year; I'm assuming in the late Spring or Summer, since we will be getting Dragon's…
  • How long is "hardcore grind"? Can that mean play 5 hours on weekdays, and 12+ hours on weekends?
  • "Close topic please. Obviously I misaid that word, I think I ment a 70gb card.
  • Edit: lol
  •  Its pretty fun... in fact. But once you get to lv. 10, you might feel as if your starting to give up if you don't play as much. Because when you lv. 1, you have to get like 300 - 800 experience points to "Level Up!". The game is sorta hard when you…
  •  The whole game itself is absolutely horrible. At lets say... err... lv. 25+, it gets harder to level, you start to give up. No offense, but people who pass that level are considered to have no life. I'd love to do it one day, but this is just the g…
    in Review Comment by DerekHarumi July 2008
  •  Your computer is fucking up or something? I'm not sure if this is true or not but you have the worst computer in the history of history and its lagging. You should considering getting a better computer because MapleStory takes at least a computer t…
  • Edit: lol
  •   I have no idea who the heck that girl is. The last dude I've been pissed off with is suspended, and I forgot his name. But he just ticked me off and I kept posting bad comments to him that his was a bad ass. It was only 75% of YouTube that hated h…