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Played: WoW (before BC), Rappelz Tried: LOTRO, EQ2, Lineage 2, Kai online, Knight online Playing: Vanguard non MMOS: COD4, css


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  • would someone be able to send me an EU scroll please? thanks very much!   -recieved, thank you
  • as far as i can tell, that post makes little to no sense, speaking in queen's english often helps on english speaking forums.
  • great help, thanks   I shall! EU Snowbourne server named Artex   Its taking a while getting used to things again haha.
  • thanks  i just did that and hey presto, its saying open account does that mean if people choose that option and end up not paying for it they get some kind of penalty / punishment? or is the 'pay it later' option only available to those with th…
  • Im just curious as to why it says 'next payment due 15th of the 3rd, i would assume since thats when my next payment is due that i should already be subscribed... hmmmm. can anyone confirm ?
  • Thanks for the replies, i think ill buy SOM in the future in that case.   Right, i put in my activation code about 15 mins ago, but when i look at my account it says 'closed'  and "next payment due 15/03/10" and when i try to log in it says 'ex…
  • oh, and ive got lotro and MOM, do i need SOM in order to play?
  • Unfortunately they're all slightly different prices! The cheapest UK site i found was CCL, http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=38083&tid=gsearch £134 XFX http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=37816&tid=…
  • I think i've chosen to go for the 5770, as the 5670 seems a little underpowered for the price, so its doubtful id be able to make use of the dx11 features properly so i may as well be going for a better card at that price,   so my choices are: …
  • Originally posted by Thenarius MMOs aren't that demanding most of the time(AOC being one of the exceptions), but I'd suggest a 5770, or wait for 5830 which should arrive in 2 weeks(should cost around 225 euro).   will FF14 be another exception…
  • im running at 1680x1050, but it would be nice to use my 28" Full HD TV via HDMI  for films etc, which im assuming would be more demanding? Mech, how much is the 880GT though, im out of the loop really at the moment, but i just googled and it came …
  • Thanks for the reply, but arent all dx11 cards vastly overpriced at the moment? wouldnt it be a better idea to wait til the cards are mass produced with dx11, like my friend got a 8800GTX when it was brand new , and for the same equivalent …
  • Originally posted by pineapples wow this is innovative... if it was 2003.   love comments like this. just because there has been 6 years of graphical improvement it means what, that every game has to be top of the range so only those with 1k…
  • In real life you would be crouched over a body,searching pockets etc for loot,   it's a balance between staying alive and recieving loot, the same balance would need to be considered in real life as well as in this system.
  • Originally posted by MoLoK_   This "full loot" thing is a very strange game mechanic. Not realistic at all.   Not trying to be annoying here, as I'm indifferent to Darkfall, but I saw this and thought 'huh?'   1. MMOs aren't meant to be …
  • Why not just wait and see rather than having un-educated speculatory guesses,   as guess what,     They are pointless!   And hold an incredibly amount of bias, so stop littering these forums with things like this.   -bored an…
  • This has been done to death about a million times,   give it a rest.
  • Originally posted by achellis yeah i guess if your tight on money.   It does kind of seem like you're here simply to gloat about having a lot of money, I've seen at least one other money related post from you in the last 30 mins (headset for…
  • Thanks for the information, makes things a little less confusing     I have to ask, what is swordmasters role then? I think out of those, witch hunter or shadow warrior would suit me best. Were 'knights' brought out in an update?
  • Gonna go for Order,   I don't like the look of any dwarf classes, which out of the other order races would be classed as DPS? They're all slightly ambiguous and I can't really tell..