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  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT Found it The game is called illutia than you so much
  • Erm no idea tbh I dont know a lot about it Just that i had fun playing it I think the thing that might help someone recognise the game is the cows you could buy to ride on for a mil  
  • Was thinking of upgrading that to an Ati Radeon anyway Not sure which Any ideas which i should get?
  • Oh Okay Lol   someone find this game please
  • Originally posted by Jefferson81 Moo Moo Online?   was this a joke? I've just searched google and youtube for that and found nothing
  • Okay i remember been able to ride cows which would cost 1mil to get i think
  • Yeahhh shadowbane is 3d plyed ot before There wasnt many people playing which doesnt help Had a friendly and helpful community though
  • hmm, could have been, im downloading now, can you be a bard class? And kill cows at the start? Either way that game looks good     Edit: My bad, the game was free
  • Originally posted by MyzRain I don't know what game this is, but I can tell you that it sounds AWESOME and innovative beyond measurement.   was that sarcasm? lol i know its not much to go on
  • You could try guild wars. I myself do not really like the level cap of 20 however the community is great, its a one off payment and you do quests in groups of around 5 people.   MarcussUk
  • Aha I agree. I myself chose the Full dex acro approach to the game and ended up getting owned until level 45 when your attack speed and critical start to rise a lot MarcussUk
  • Originally posted by Housam teh spel chack wroks perfactily for mi Lmao   I never get squigly lines underneath spelling errors   MarcussUk
  • Originally posted by Lydon Having played Flyff quite a bit myself, I wouldn't recommend it. Trust me...going from Eve to Flyff is going to be a huge lowering of the bar quality-wise. There are basically no quests in the latter - probably around 1…
  • Correct me if i'm wrong but you aren't looking for a game OR making a reccomendation. Should this be in the LF game section?   MarcussUk
    in A new game Comment by MarcussUk May 2008
  • Although I haven't played Holic I have played Cabal, everything looks the same and you grind from level 1. I was killing the same monsters constantly and it was just a complete bore.   MarcussUk
  • Regardless of all the other replies I would be willing to give a game like this a chance. It could either be hugely successful or not work at all. I think what would make this game so good is that the community inside of it would have to use eac…
  • This should probably have been posted in the LF Game section. But i would like to recommend Flyff. It has a friendly community and definately has pvp. If you want to base your whole gameplay on pvp you can start a character in the pvp/pk server.…
  • I reccomend flyff, It's a great game with a friendly community and lots of different class variations. The only problem is when you get high level you have to grind LOTS You can find it at flyff.gpotato.com If you are typing the link into a br…