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  • what it tells me is that they're trying to keep the forum trolls that plague wow as far away as possible. The early start has gone near flawlessly,  with only minor patches.  Things should be almost perfect for launch.  much better then any other …
  • Healing classes? I'm playing a dps class, oh wait, I guess I do have heals. :-) No comment on pvp yet though.
  • The time between funcom saying dx10 would be in and the time saying it'd be q3 is probably well within most people's return window.
  • I hear max fps is ova 9000 Is this true or false? lets discuss.
  • I could not for the life of me figure out what stores have the rhino so I just went with the mammoth since I definitely didn't want to end up with a bow with who knows what stats.
  • Originally posted by LethalBurst   Originally posted by lexloci  Wrong, AoC has been stated to include 64bit version.   It wont take advantage of the 64bit architecture, but it certainly wont be hindered by it.  I wish I could find the link, bu…
  • 15.3 What steps are you taking to stay true to the original Conan lore? We’ve focused on the lore like nothing else, and we’ve worked hard to ensure it stays true to the spirit of the stories. Most of the developers are huge fans of the Conan unive…
  • No wai d00d it only has a 320gb hdd 1terabyte 4high nd pc kk thx Some people are just dumb, that's a solid machine.
  • Originally posted by Raunu Don't get a 64 bit operating system if you're going to play games. The games aren't being written to take advantage of the 64 bit channels and can do more harm than good. You're system should run AoC like a dream.  If I…
  • Does just to kill time until Warhammer preorder beta starts count?  if so me +3
  • the assumption would be yes, but that depends on who the manufacturer is.  Do you have the actual model of the mobo?  Or does the box show sli on it anywhere? Note: I'm aware you wrote sli on there but if it doesn't have the cute stamp on the box …
  • Originally posted by lamissfairy   Originally posted by Hubs94 My specs a little bit better than yours. Vista Home AMD X2 4400, 2.3 ghz 4 gigs of ram Geforce 7950 X2   And I could only run the game on low with roughly 25 fps when I was out by …
  • should be able to run it on atleast medium no problem.  And I can't tell enough of a diffrence between medium and high to warrent worrying about not being able to play on high settings. Oh, is the video card atleast 512mb?  completly diffrent stor…
  • other then the one time I took my armor off on a new toon just to see for myself, I haven't even seen any boobs in the game. Gore and bloodsplatter on the other hand, constantly.
    in PG version Comment by lexloci May 2008
  • AoC has high system spec and a Mature rating.  For the most part the kiddies are sticking with wow.  Probably getting a decent amount of adults to switch though. If you don't raid, be prepared to group with idiots who are too dumb to figure out ho…
  • Mount "no srsly d00d, getz on my back s0 we can pwnz dis guy."
  • you're already trying to exclude yourself from end game contnet? oh snap! I have nothing significant to contribute, carry on.
  • Originally posted by Psiho246 Loot bug and clipping through the world? When I quit 3 months ago these bugs still existed.
  • Do some research and find out if your mobo/video card has drivers out for vista 64 bit, and if they're working well.  If so, get 64bit.  If your research turns up the drivers are buggy, go with 32.
  • Rule one, if gamestop doesn't have rave cards, don't preorder from them. Gamestop employees don't regularly read the information about preorders, they're suppose to, but they don't.  So there's a good chance when you go in and ask them about a pre…