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  • I am currently on Diabolos
  • Originally posted by Joekra Or they are rebooting EVERYTHING they got. lol, working in the IT world this one happens to me occasionally.  Not really sure what to do?  F it! Unplug everything.
  • Look at it this way.  FFXI is not f2p and it has been out 10+ years.  It doesn't have millions of subs either, but Square is more than happy to charge money for it.  I hope FFXIV always remains p2p, I hate this f2p mentality developers are getting. …
  • Originally posted by Syno23 Version 1.0 actually didn't have an Early Access. It didn't have early access, but it did have closed beta and open beta, both of which I was in.
  • As a 1.0 CE holder, I am right there with you man.  I am still looking for a place to enter my code as well.  I have never heard of the site we ordered from, but I know if I don't find a place to put this code before early access begins I will not b…
  • I was around for the the pre-release for 1.0 and over-all mood is quite different this time around.  Sure there are nay-sayers this time around too, but not to the extent of 1.0's launch, nor for the same reasons. FFXIV 1.0 had a horrid mouse/keybo…
  • All these verbose posts are going to take me forever to read!
  • Traditional summoner garb is around the 42second mark! Heck yes! I need to see some traditional WHM gear in there too.  Also I really liked the set on the female around 40 seconds.
  • This is too broad of a statement, not all crafters hate pvp. I'm just spit-balling here, I don't have any strong feelings for PVP one way or the other, I will participate sometimes, and sometimes I won't.  It just depends on my mood.  However, cra…
  • Yeah you can get it at 15. Also, there is a "boat" that takes you there.  If you go to Camp Horizon in Ul'Dah and go down that tunnel into a lower questing area there is a fishing hamlet off to the left.  There is a dock that will take you to LL lo…
  • I just wanted to post and say thank you for a well constructed post. Although we have differing opinions about the game, it is nice to see person who forms their opinions in a coherent and respectable way.  Props to you, and I hope you find the game…
  • I thought it was Texas. Isn't there a neon sign on the wall in 7th Heaven that says Texas?
  • Originally posted by tkreep Dont you dare play another square game until after you try this Haha, I have played that one countless times.  It's case is on display in my office lol. I pulled the SNES out of storage and booted up a new Chrono T…
  • Originally posted by free2play ... Main Cities, in the market alley. Ul'dah market is where you find the retainer bell. If you stand at the Aetheryte, hang left the way you would go to get to the Adventurers Guild but don't go up the steps. Just…
  • Does the issue persist if you take the cards out of crossfire mode?   edit: it seems like Aion and Crossfire/SLI aren't the best of friends http://www.aionsource.com/topic/41552-crossfire-and-aion/ http://www.tenaciousgamers.com/showthread.php?…
  • Originally posted by free2play Originally posted by rhavok ... Everything can be NPC purchased up to 30. Battle gear vendor splits to battle and field. Field is for gathering/ Crafting. Tools matter most though for crafting. Make sure you h…
  • Where can I find some level 20ish gear?  I looked briefly but I didn't have any luck.  I have earrings and rings, but none of the major pieces like chest, pants, etc. Can it be purchased, or does it have to be crafted?
  • This is one of the few MMO's in which I felt the desire to turn up the music.  Most of the time I turn it off completely.  I love the music that plays when you rent a chocobo.
  • I was going to pop in here and give advice about a build, but I saw Quizzical was in here too.  Me giving advice while Quizzical is doing the same would be like me teaching a physics class with Albert Einstein in the audience. So, the only advice I…
  • Originally posted by VanadromArda Once the gear is soul bound, it's not of much use other than to be transformed into Materia. Crap, I forgot about that.  -_-  Oh well, I guess I will just do it again later on down the road then.