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  • Carnac West is english speaking
  • AQ is an insult and does not mean hi Turks + K2 kinda kill the game. Not all the turks, just the ones who don't do anything to help other players. If they encounter an english person they dont try to make it easier they just spam with: WAKKAKAK…
  • It's the same as all the other servers. A lot of the people in this one also speak other languages. There are a lot of Brazilian players and also a few Turkish that somehow bypass the IP block.
  • There were two version of Knight Online. The oh-so-much-better Malaysian version which closed and the U.S. version which is owned by greedy people. They make it so that if you don't pay you can only connect at around 12:30 p.m. GMT -5 and after that…
  • There was no virus in Knight Online. AVG is the only detector this non-existent virus. AVG picks up a lot of things which are not viruses but have a certain code that may pertain to virus code. X-Trap being hacker detection may have that code. It is…
  •   Originally posted by Sieges Is there durability on items? If there is, can the items be repaired when they break? Does your character need to eat to live? Is there player owned housing? Is there a warehouse for storage? I…
  • Carnac East / West depend on where you live. East is the one which harbors the Turkish and Asian community while West is more USA/Canada and Brazil.Nice for a fresh start though. 
  • Its easy to fix but K2 is lazy about it. Its a TBL file. All K2 needs to do is make it so that your TBL file has to be the same as the one they have in their DB for you to connect. Theres people I know who can do that and they're 15 and under.