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  • Just to reiterate to anyone who has not read my post. I dont want to play a F2P game, my choice. I have tried to avoid giving an opinion on this however I feel I need to cos people are choosing to flame when they are clearly on fire themselves. …
    in TOTAL FRAUD Comment by Bluekid June 2010
  • Ok. I'm unhappy, hence the post and I thank all the peeps who have positively contributed here. The issue is clear, I entered into a contract which the seller had no intention of honouring their side. This is WRONG. I did not want to pay for…
    in TOTAL FRAUD Comment by Bluekid June 2010
  • I'll check out the legal position on Monday mate. You'd have thought they would have had the decency to at least let the lifetime membership offer run to the end of June before doing this. Totally unbelievable.  You've got to laugh.
    in TOTAL FRAUD Comment by Bluekid June 2010
  • Thanks Everskelly, I was beginning to doubt my sanity there.  There is not a chance in hell I'd give £75 for content in a F2P. Would anyone? I was wrongly and in my opinion criminally misled and I reckon there are a few others like me out th…
    in TOTAL FRAUD Comment by Bluekid June 2010
  • Wow. Cant believe you guys. I didnt pay £75 for F2P, of course its fraud. I didnt pay for the things they say they are going to give me now. I paid for a lifetime sub to a P2P. I really just want my cash back and I'll move along. Anyone su…
    in TOTAL FRAUD Comment by Bluekid June 2010
  • Thanks Obraik. This is a breath of fresh air.
  • Wow after playing for 20 minutes i found out it is terrible. Where is the functionally UI ? Totally counterintuitive to use that UI. Crap graphics and where are the other players ? The world is empty of others ..   Wow...a full 20 minutes? Why…
  • The game is vaporware mate. Second warning and ban coming for me. There are currently less than 5,000 actually playing at the moment. The cash they have taken since sales and monthly subs will keep them going till end May 2009. After that they…
  • OMG. Surely not. Never saw this coming. No luck OP, perhaps you should read these forums before you purchase in future.
  • All your requests are found in the Options Tab. Rather than giving you the direct route, have a browse cos there's a lot of cool interface stuff you can turn on /off. Interface stuff can be found easily as can the row extensions. I dont have a…
    in Badger... Comment by Bluekid March 2009
  • Star Wars galaxies ticks all your boxes mate. Give the trial a go, you'll subscribe, I'm sure.
  • Ahem, Excuse me, Almighty, what server are you clicking a mouse button at , arthe moment?
    in Gratz! Comment by Bluekid March 2009
  • Will this game be a sandbox? Will it have no levels? Will it be skill based? Will it be like UO? Will it be like SWG pre NGE. Will it be full pvp. Will it be full loot? Will there be housing? Ships? Donkeys? Spaceships? Blaster…
  • My God , what a lot of steaming crap. SWG a grindfest NOW?, No RP? I was accused of viral marketing  previously, this thread must be the exact opposite. Pre CU was a grindfest- no arguement with that I presume. This incarnation is far from bei…
  • Hey Guys , thanks for posting/replying. Interesting spread of gaming going on. Most importantly however is that a few have given up the genre, and the industry should take note of that. For myself Im rather clinging to the golden age, my current…
  • Dont look past Star wars galaxies mate. Game is currently playing well and likely to keep your interest for some considerable time. I just returned after some time out and have been back 2 months. Tbh the game is currently the best on offer. Som…
  •   Totally unbelievable although expected responses from this forum. What colour is the sun in you guys world?
  • My God, let it go. I recently returned to SWG, and I was there at the opening in 2003. I have posted here mainly because I am mad that I didnt return sooner, yes I was influenced by the misguided comments spewed out by some people in these forum…
  • Try the trial for Star Wars Galaxies. Costs nothing. I would expect you will be impressed by the depth and variation in play. You have classes which are different, levelling is pretty quick, you have space and you have crafting - just for starte…