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  • I did. some research and I think there are three games I could/would try. Aion - Kind of a nostalgic pick Archeage - just heared about the 3.0 relaunch BDO - liked the combat System, my PCs couldnt really handle it but i got a ne setup and would gi…
  • Thanks for your suggestion, maybe I will try it out next week. Any other suggestions?
  • Okay, first of all, thanks for your honest answers. I think I will stick to a mmorpg that comebines somewhat decent pve and pvp and play it for a while... candidates would be good old wow, tera or should i give wildstar a second look, now that is …
  • Anyone got a eu guest pass? would like to check this game out before buying it
  • So i looked around a bit and here are the games that i find interresting wow, realm reborn, gw2, tera and aion... i dont really know too much about newer games so its hard for me to judge if they are my cup of tea... grouping and social interacti…
  • Any other suggestions?
  • Some more time on my hand now so here we go.... last game a really played a lot were wow during cata and realm reborn heavebsward, never raided in this game though. i dont like sci fi heavy games but i am okay with things like engineer in wow or gw…
  • Little update on this one, I decided to start playing tsw together with a friend next week, only problem is we can only play together once or twice a week and dont want to play it on our own because we want something we can play entirely together. …
  • Wait for wildstar, comes pretty close but is somewhat more mobile.  meanwhile you could check out neverwinter :-)
  • Forgot to mention, i dont mind paying for my mmorpg, als long as its not totally p2w. And I am from germany so there should be at least an eu server:-)
  • Nothing? :-(
  • Since d3's Magic wore off quite quick I am here again. There are three games i am interested in but i didnt have much Time to test them all. Realm reborn, fun game but i wasnt able to find a class thats was for me, maybe when the exp arrives Tera…
  • Think I will play some more realm reborn, seems like the only option for me since I cant stand the old games because of graphics and I played so much wow it simply isnt fun anymore... And with the expansion at the horizon and playing some d3 for gri…
  • Okay, seems I cant get past this points for gear thingy ourdays, so toss my hate for something like this aside. Wich mmorpg would you recommend for decent und chalanging pve? Only wildstar and/or tera?
  • Nothing so far? :-(   maybe just something with good and hard pve thats not wow or realm reborn?
  • I think I will try out a priest in tera and maybe try out a paladin in neverwinter, both seem to fit my wish for something heal/support-ish verry well :-)
  • Teso and tera both look interesting, i really want to like neverwinter but i heared so much negative things about pwe and theyre p2w games that i am kind of afraid to try it out. At the moment i am more driven towards tera, just because its f2p, o…
  • Dark blood looks pretty nice, even though it doesnt have this lovely 16 bit style I love so much. Mystic fighter looks more like it but I cant seem to find a way to download or play it.   any thoughts on a action oriented mmo? Tera seems to be the…
  • Archeage is ob my Radar, waiting for my Chance to play it :-) I think I am going to spend the waiting Time with tera or arr, i like the thought to play a mmo with a controller. Does one of them have some kind of item Hunt similar to the old wow or …
  • Thx for all your advices, I think I will go with Aion since 4.0 will hit servers next week and songweaver class seems to be pretty sweet. Although I am searching for some good old open world pvp and from what I have read Aion has got this