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  • Yummy, useful info... How many characters can you have? Do they all have to be on the same server ?
  • Do you think there'd be that much difference with a 6600GT? I was planning on buying one, but I don't want to spend the extra $150 on a 6800GT... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814122206
  • *bump* I guess now it's me and a RL friend looking for our next MMO. We're playing GW right now, but we were thinking of another one to get in a month or so. He's worried about getting one that's just grinding.  For instance, he didn't want WoW …
    in My next MMO Comment by Lask May 2005
  • What's with the Combat Upgrade? What did it change? Also, are there any trials for SWG? I've played the beta for WoW, but that was 6+ months ago.
    in My next MMO Comment by Lask May 2005
  • I'm glad they are (and hope they continue to) take their time with this game. Its looking amazing, and there's hardly anything worse than a game that's rushed and comes out unfinished.
  • >.> <.< Real Time Strategy
    in Sweet Comment by Lask July 2004
  • I've got a question- Which is more fun, in your opinion, a melee or a spell caster? Thanks Alpha people!
  • Your type is: SEA. 12% of respondents so far fall into that type. Your answers were split as follows: Socializer 73% Explorer 66% Achiever 40% Killer 20% <.<  >.> Rather accurate I suppose...
  • I to have been looking foward to this game ever since I heard of it, for about over a year. I've been going to the official boards they have, they're pretty nice since the devs are there and listen to the gamers. Every time I see one of those movies…
    in MEO Excitment! Comment by Lask July 2004
  • I myself, am going to be a human. They're going to introduce Orcs eventually, probably in the next expansion, or the 2nd one. The reason they're not in the first is, among other things, is that you don't really see Orcs running around the Shire th…