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  • yeah, I am in the same boat. I am pretty sad I did not get a key out of like the 5 sites I was in que for one
  • games i'v played.... lol thats one huge list   Guild wars Wow Age of Conan Campions Burning Seas World of Warcraft EverQuest2 Warhammer Online Dungeons and Dragons Ragnarok online (last mmo I love) Voyage Century (I liked thi…
  • If I can drop my weapons and what not on the ground in my house, I am sooo down. But thats hoping for way to much :P. Cause I totally wanna have a spilled bag of thermal detanotors next to my bed. Nothing bad can come from that.
  • Originally posted by Zorvan01 Originally posted by ProfRed You hit level cap didn't you?  Most games these days provide an average of something like 9-12 hours of content and that is it.  These aren't MMO's with endless grinds.    *sighs…
  • Originally posted by Thillian  Sandbox is defined by the freedom of the activity and the interaction with the persistent world. There is no interaction in FE with the world, there is no housing, no player killing (outside of zones) no body looti…
  • hehe, he was probelly one of the people swearing and spamming the help channel :P No swearing in FE channels or you get the ban hammer!
  • hehe groups.... Ya, for S1 you don't really need one unless you are a crafter. I just follow people and shoot their mobs once and get kill credit. No one cares, and if they ask you just say you are a crafter. Most people have alts and understand. I …
  • haha if keys come out the 23rd I might own the game then... I am half tempted to buy it tonight...
  • Originally posted by chryses Makes me wonder how the hell the big studios can't get it right...   O... thats easy. They just see dollar signs. Indi companys at least want the player to enjoy their game. As long as they listen to their player…
  • I agree. I would love to get a buddy key for this game. I want to try it out first. I am done buying every new mmo that comes out to try it.
  • 50 million is a drop in the bucket when you have 3 billion asians. Plus if they don't delete the accounts and count spammers and what not.... your numbers will always be huge :P
  • I think this really comes down to... Do you want for mmo to cost a lot and look shiny? or look ok, and be totally awesome. 1. Big thing with Aion, is that every one is like "OMFG! THIS LOOKS SWEET!" That gives the programmers room to hide stuff u…
  • lo.... rare item drop at 0% is a good thing. Makes it... you know rare.
  • aion looked only ok to me..... the whole wing thing, is my biggest turn off for a mmo.
  • Star wars, might. If it can take any size chunk out of the WoW crowd then you can get a ball rolling and make it huge. I mean, I stopped playing WoW cause it sucks now vs when it launched. I am a strong believer in not making a mmo easier. The new…
  • last time I talked to some people I knew in RO, they said they where on a P-server.
  • haha, PotBS was the mmo that made me not buy every new mmo that was coming out. But EVE is that good huh?   Isn't EVE open PvP? Only thing holding me back from eve is there still a community. I have also heard star wars galaxy was great, unti…
  • wtf, this game don't even have a release date and you guys are making guilds >.>
  • ummm, you are very mistaken. This game has a great future. I don't see how you can not see it..... You must be knew to the whole Warhammer Universe... There are still a few races they could add, not to mention a ton more class's if they felt like it…
  • I vote Ragnarok Online, since I have played it for like a zillion hours... I love that game, the player base is dying out It has been growing smaller and smaller ever since WoW came out. But It has some really fun stuff that make it one of my favs.