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  • Yes but it was the MANNER IN WHICH JAGEX CARRIED THESE UPDATES OUT which has upset lots of people.
  • The full-screen version looks good, but the toolbars dont look to practical, it may not help things like alching, where there are a lot of clicks. Apart from that, awesome! It may rekindle my interest in RS again!
  • Can i join the vet club?   =P
  • Behind the scenes June   Woo, two new quests! Yay!
  • It has to be...has to be...Summoning. An untrimmed Summoning skillcape is yet to be in the possesion of any RuneScape player.
  • Lol, i cant believe no one has mentioned ranarr farming yet.  (Or i think not anyway, havn't read all posts) xD I solo Sara boss at GWD alot, and get quite a bit a cash. Strategies are pretty complicated now they removed the safespot in the boss r…
  •  With Mike and Deviliscious. Oh, and Wild, before you say "Shut up, n00b, you dont know crap about the game!" Have a little think about what we have all said. Originally posted by Wildman2121 First off, I didnt say I still played. This thread i…
    in Get Over It! Comment by K33n0 May 2008
  • Originally posted by Wildman2121 Ugh, it sickens me to see all the people say "RuneScape sucks! The graphics are horrible go play WoW! The graphics are actually good!" People that say that are probably like 9 year old kids that dont know crap abo…
    in Get Over It! Comment by K33n0 May 2008
  • Originally posted by phatpetey In my eyes runescape really is ruined. Many of the great features just dissapeared. I think the main reason why Jagex did this is to make their game more open for younger gamers. By introducing the Grand Exchange sy…
  • At last! Long awaited! This now means i can track the price of my SGS so i can get rid of it! Yay! This is a ground breaking update, as it may (or may not!) allow a form of merchanting (of speculation) back into the game. If you know the market…
  • Errrrmm.... They did this like 3 months ago... And there have been about 50 different topics about this same topic (Including mine )
  •   What?! They took out Bounty worlds?! That will make it even worse! The were not enough worlds in the first place, and that meant that it was too crowded anyway. They could have made more Bounty World,and F.O.G worlds, that would mean that: 1:- F…
  • Bump.         Is that allowed? =P
  • I agree, it was good for a while, and then it just got boring. Can it really be counted as PvP, tbh? I'm probably gnna try and get the battle robes, just for parties etc., cuz its just not worth using, especially with the high repair price in toke…
  • Ok, through this thread I shall keep you updated with whats happening. The clan chat channel will now be "Tanning W111", which I think is much more appropriate instead of my pure's cc IMO.    If you would wanna come tan with me on world 111 any…
  • I made that post before I played it. At the moment, it's waaaayyy to laggy, there are a number of bugs which me and my friends have uncovered, and with the sheer amount of people in the aena at any one time, its almost impossible to see your opponen…
  •  Totally.
  •   Originally posted by Drag0n You probably only have 10k at best so shut up newb. And by the way, everything I have could be sold in minutes for a profit so dont say my stuff or anyone elses stuff is worth nothing. P.S. I have 3000k now. Beat…
  • Mike, I agree with most of your points in there but to be fair, what an awesome comback about the Music updates from Llamster =P I also agree with Paulscott, because I think that RuneScape will still be around for a while, possibly not aslong as W…
  • If you're just gonna knock RS, go post somewhere else. If you're trying to encourage people to stop playing a game, you're on the wrong site.