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  •   Originally posted by harshskater     The PK server is filled with arrogant foul assholes with to much pride and not enough care. Much like you I presume. If anyone so happens to step inside the PK server you’re hunted like a wild rabbit by …
  • Hmmm I hope they will have the open or closed beta soon.. I've been wanting to play this game for a while now..
  • Not a bad game just very hard to lvl at a certain point and yeah it does become a grind fest after that.. But the plot is amazing and the graphics are very smooth (unlike 2moons which people somehow think it looks better ...BULLSHIT) The players als…
  • It's a great game! But after a while without new quest or updates you get pretty sick of until the new version is released which can take almost a year and since it's so easy to lvl in this game you will be waiting at a certain lvl until they finall…
  • No shit people. You think I'd actually try and play a game were people are preventing me from lving? I quit the game a few days ago and removed it from my pc.
  • I enjoyed this game for a while but got sick of it.. This is just another grindfest although a lot more entertaining then most fact still remains it's a grindfest... I mostly liked the fact that you can tame animals.. That was really fun for me but …
  • I was also eager to download this game so I did.. Wasn't as good as I thought it would be.. They pretty much just drop you off in the game and expect you to figure out everything on your own.. Took me a few minutes to figure out where to go to get a…
  • This game came out way back in the late 90’s. Back then it was a popular mmo, one of the very few at the time. Unfortunately it has not had any update in the graphics but from what I have heard from people who played this game (way back in the 90’s)…
  • My only problem with that is if you take off the chat then you wont know if someone is speaking to you.. And if you hide all the other players you might attack a monster someone else is attacking (I think not sure because I haven't done that yet).. …
  • You see the problem with what you’ve just said is Dekaron Taiwan and 2Moons are two totally different experiences.. I’ve played Dekaron Taiwan and highly enjoyed it until I was unable to log in anymore for some reason.. With Dekaron no one worried m…