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  • Ive really been looking foward to seeing all the home towns. Esp Darrnasius(lol i cant spell--Night elf town)> that really looks cool to me..with alll the Japanese looking buildings( even thou i aint Jap i like how the buildings look). I also wan…
  • lmao who ever is saying thaT wOw IS not an MMORPG is really dumb by this point. How is having over 100k people on a server not an MMORPG...think bout it
    in WoW Form Comment by brat11223 July 2004
  • I hope i win..and satop telling people  before more people sign up and we have less a chance. But then again good luck to all
  • So far i am planning on roaming around the world and exploring. So far me, my cousin, my bro, and my friend are gonna b in a guild and i wanna get good avatar and good items. That is what i am most lookung foward to doing. I am also looking at havin…
  • You are allowed to assign any keys oyu want for movement..but A,D,X,W is the default along with the arrow keys.
  • I will add all the websites i have been looking out in wow every day. ---www.wowvault.ign.com ---worldofwarcraft.com ---worldofwar.net ---MMORPG.com ---wowspider.net ---www.wow.warcraftstrategy.com ---warcraftcentral.com  
  • No starcraft would actualyl be dumb as an mmorpg. It would just not fit into spells and classes and races. JUst from playing over 1000 games of SCbw it just would seem retarded to make starcraft a mmorpg.
  • Blizzard and everyone else should stop worring about the ebay.com acount being sold. If people wanna buy the beta for 500+ dollars which will be useless in like 2 months(the most) then make them spend the money.
  • So far they did not add any mounted combat such as chargeing and fighting on mounts but Katricia from the blizzard crew said he would mention it to the development team about that. That woduld realy b cool
  • Ever since playing diablo i have loved the assassian...sneaking up, back stabbing, stealth, pick pocketing. IT just seems real fun to me. That is why i would like to b the rouge. I like the idea that i need to use alot of my abilities to kill monste…
    in fav class Comment by brat11223 July 2004
  • The game will DEFF not be realeased in August. That is y EBgames.com and MMORPG.com has changed the realease date to 11/15 so itll prob be then.
  • First of all u and the other monster regualy attack back and forth. The in btw regualr attacks u cast spells and other combat abilities. But while in battle you are able to run and a whole bunch of other things.
  • WoW will be regualry 49.99$ to buy the game. The first month will be free. Then after that u pay from btw 10-15$ a month to keep the servers going. **They are alrdy allowing you to pre-order a collectors edition for 79.99$ but it comes with some ext…
  • I dunt know since the beginning i wanted to play PvE, but after hearing all these raids they sound like so much fun and im thinking bout playing on PvP server also.
  • no mounts are not like pets.. cannto fight and swim with them. and no u canot tame nething u want..only hunter and preists(preists only can control humaniod things thou)
  • WoW gonna sweeep EQII in many categories. No competition.
  • the next push #4 will start soon and if there is a push #5 itll b around august cause patch number #4 is "juss around the corner". also they still have alot of fixing up to do so the open beta will b AROUND SEPTEMEBER OR NOVEMEBER. Earliest the game…
    in Open Beta Comment by brat11223 July 2004
  • Yes you are allowed to swim both on top and under water. Druids and shamans also have spells to keep u from runnign out of breath while under water. Wouldnt that b cool if the added diving and cannonballs while jumping in the water..
  • both classes are allowed toi dual weild. and no the rouge does not hit every time with both weapons at level 60 there is like a 50% chance u hit with both weapons
  • AS of the next patch they will b raising the level cap to 50...they still gotta raiuse it 10 more levels..1 problem                             other problem is that they still need toi finsih all the lands and armor for the horde soa  long way t…