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  • Thx guys but I was talkin bout a fighing game like a knuckle game.Like urban street fights or a game with a character class that fights with its fists like a street fighter or something like that.I know it sounds stupid but thats my style of charact…
  • Try Uplink.Its not a MMORPG but its verry good.It will fill your hunger for hacking ^_^
  • I'm searching for something new...Tryed Cabal,12sky,9dragons,GuildWars(its kinda simple...) and others like Lineage2(bored at it) and WoW(Playing it now). If anyone ever played 12sky.I need a game like that.Its a grind game.But a good one.You kil…
  • I dont want it to use it all...i just like the style and maybe some of the functions of vista...right now my comp is 64bit and I still run my stuff at 32bit and its fine but i am boooored with XP and i want something new...Maybe a Mac software...my …
  • Well a good PvP game i will suggest 12sky. Because it has its equall share of PvE and PvP. Personaly i think the PvP is awsome
  • I hate MMO's that are F2P and have Item Malls that are the only way to be able to play when you get ahead in game and that all just for money...thats just stupid.I think that all the devs that make Item Mall like a part of the the game and a must fo…
  • Because i am tired of games that have cool stuff and etc and u need 1 year of grinding to get a max lvl char and another 1 year to see how will be another class char at max lvl and etc I just want to have a max lvl char in 1-2 weeks and pvp and rai…
  • Oh yeah and i dont. That thing i wrote was a joke.Btw i dont care if people get it or not.
  • Those were your comments. I am just saying what people like and want.I asked like 150 different people from diff game.They were ordinary and harcore players. The list i made adbove is the most things they want in a new MMORPG. Not to be Grind Fes…
  • All i have to say is that Blizzard is a expirienced team and no doubt that they will make something cool even for a little time enjoyable
  • Long live Lineage2 and NC-Soft...I could say that i started my MMO history with Lineage1 and Lineage2 C1
  • Ok....fist the "legend" of the perfect MMORPG game will never exist...As for Fury and all of the games of its kind... 1 : A PvP based MMORPG is for now fresh (70% of the players are tired of grind fests...) 2 : Level system missing = Best to go …
  • Originally posted by ThalosVipav Originally posted by Danmann I can't wait till this kid grows up and tries to use some more of his WoW inspired skills to get job only to find out  using "Mind Control" is not in his RL talent list. I was thi…