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  • I promise you, it will come ^^
  • the German community is quiet, yes, but i'll make a dev-chat with ado at the 6th of November to get some new infos! Community is sleeping, not dead __________________________ Councillor of the german Mourning-Guild Haus Kiowan Member of the …
  • Erm, well. I led 2 multi-lingual in past but i think a huge RolePlay Guild has a small problem with multi-languages, maybe not everytime. But over 25 members, it becomes a bigger problem So far, it's enough work 4 me with RP-Storys 4 only one lan…
  • The german community had an official (english) dev-chat with adonys & egomancer too, just 4 hours Before the us-one you can find the log here: http://www.rot-world.de/downloads/Dev-Chat-Log.txt __________________________ Councillor of the…
  • Originally posted by Energize Im definatley going to play it , but unfortunatley not many people seem interested. Nope in germany we have over 15.000 Beta Sign-Ups in US i think also 15.000 ... But the community is waiting for a long time…
  • False! *g* The big problem ... nearly 10k people ind US ans 15k people in Germany are waiting 4 this game since Oktober '03! The first Months the boards overflowed with posts, but since they change release date from february to august the commun…
  • * A own (i think fantastic) graphic-engine * A great PvP-System (nearly the best ideas from the Genre), so it's developed as a PvP-Game (And not become afterwards like DaoC) * A new system agains 'Griefer' (PKer) named 'Fame-System' e.g. You get g…
  • errm Point & Click ... thats not good i'm still interested but thats a bit strange
  • Website is online and you can sign-up 4 the 3rd beta-wave
  • Perma-Death isn't that bad! Your Char will be PvP-able after 50h playing and will die after 500h (not 100% sure) thats 3 months normally You can create your bloodline and many other nice things! It'will be greate  
  • I'll play it, but on German-Server It's a PvP-Game with a lot of RP in it. (the Combat system is very nice!) Permadeath is a nice idea, you can create your own Bloodline and your children will learn your 2 primary skills faster then others do. …