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  • I like Melee a lot in this game even though the animations are a bit clunky. I'm still getting used to the idea of using guns but the magic in the game looks great too. So far I've just been playing the witch hunter deck with swords and a hammer.
  • I agree with you BCBully. I like Telara a lot but for some reason I always felt like I was a small fish in a very big place and that nothing I did had any impact at all on the world. With TSW I felt like it had a great story but I don't want to pla…
  • hey drantik im on aim jronaim09
  • Anytime but i didn't get it just yet ill respond when it coems or maybe you can send it again haha
  • It truly is so hard to just want to sub to one MMO but my 2 cents is for the next two weeks give 2-3 days in each MMO and see how you like them and write down the qualities you love and hate about them then after the two weeks is up choose which one…
  • I know what you're saying but i heard the warhammer screwed people over because the billing company that does warhammer's account managment triple and in some cases quadrupled the subscription fee's. Plus many people's accounts have been getting hac…
  • Hey Drantik, my story is basically the same as yours minus the child and wife but I am looking for another player or group to join and start up an MMO with. Right now i have most Mainstreem MMO's but am willign to buy any others that sound good. Jus…
  • Disregard that poll here is the new one.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions guys and gals. Im still not dead set on any certain MMO but right now it's coming down to AoC, WoW and one i didn't have on the list everquest 2. Tell me your input in the poll below. Thanks
  • Haha well thanks for the input bud. and Red dead redemption looks amazing
  • I'd also like to know and to the OP if you start up EQ2 or DAOC again let me know I've been looking into those games but wanted someone to level with.
  • Originally posted by mcvfxx  Hi again :-) Increase of RAM will not increase your FPS in games or during video play. I think that your problem is VGA. Lets face it, my laptop has faster and it is not that fast at all. Consider 99$ Radeon 4850 and …
  • Thanks for all the support and welcomes! Darkfall is shaping out to be an amazing game with a really great community. But Profred is right if you struggle with Gritty UI's like i do you might want to wait but if you can look past that minor flaw (…
  • Originally posted by elocke   Originally posted by jp60 Thanks for the welcomes and yeah i like 3rd person a lot but I don't know the first person just seems to add somethign to the gameplay. And the I personally like the UI. I wish i would of …
  • Thanks for the welcomes and yeah i like 3rd person a lot but I don't know the first person just seems to add somethign to the gameplay. And the I personally like the UI. I wish i would of started earlier but I'm glad that I'm actually playign and en…
  • Hey everybody and thanks for the feedback. I've been playing for a couple days now and made a ranger. I'm loving him! I just joined a level 3 guild and so far i'm having a blast and hope it continues!
  • alright thanks man do you still play? and mind maybe pointing me to a good east server?
  • Lol well  i used to play WoW and then stopped because i didn't like the community very much. But it was between EQ2 and Vanguard but i have to say this game has got my attention for now.
    in Just stated Comment by jp60 January 2010
  • So it finally stopped... but the thing is i don't know how. I went into the bios and reset them to default (which i had already done about 4 times) and then tried to overclock the cpu and my computer wouldn't start up so it went to the windows start…
  • Thanks everyone for posting. I'm currently downloading the EQ2 trial and gonna give it a test run. I'll post back with more info on how it goes. But yes i did just read the VG is dieing and will probably not make it to 2011 =(